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Kuvasz Puppies

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    Kuvasz Puppies

    The Kuvasz is an ancient livestock dog breed originally from Tibetan. The breed’s popularity rose in Hungary. Most people think it to be from Hungary. Historically, the breed was used as a royal guard dog and mostly for guarding livestock. Today, the dog is found in homes as a pet.


    The San Diego Kuvasz puppies grow into large dogs. They have a dense double coat and are odorless. The coat is white in color and its texture ranges from straight to wavy. The skin pigmentation is dark and the nose is black. The eyes are almond shaped. The head must be half as wide as its length and eyes should be set below the muzzle plane. The stop is defined but not at all abrupt.

    The characteristic white color of the Kuvasz puppy San Diego is ideal and was used by shepherds to distinguish the breed from the wolves at night. The coat is either white or cream in color and has a wavy texture. Other than that, this is a beautiful pet to adopt as a pet.


    The San Diego Kuvasz puppies are very intelligent and make great family dogs when there is a natural leader in the family. It needs socialization, training and exercising if being adopted as a family dog. Being bred as a guard dog, it has high protective instincts. It is an excellent herder and flock defender. Their instincts have also made them perfect as guard dogs. All in all, they are easy to housebreak though their large size may discourage housebreakers. The dog is loyal and protective to its family.

    If the breed is to live with children, it is recommended to get a Kuvasz puppy San Diego and raise it with the kids. Supervision is needed if kids from your neighbors come to play. This is because the dog may be protective. The dog is more dominant because of its guard abilities. They need socialization and extra care while still puppies. They should also be socialized with house pets.

    In general, the Kuvasz puppies San Diego are bold and fearless. They work independently and will not do well in obedience training. The breed does well with a leader with natural authority and with a job.


    Just like most large sized dogs, the San Diego Kuvasz puppies will be prone to hip dysplasia. You need to check with the breeder to clarify that the parents have no hip problems. Other minor health problems include osteochondritis dissecans, hypertrophic osteodystrophy, allergies and skin problems. The dog may also slobber and drool.


    The thick coat should be brushed weekly. Bathing should be avoided and only done when absolutely necessary. The area behind the ears should be checked for matting. The breed also needs daily long brisk walks, jogs or runs. Because of its being bred as a working dog, the San Diego Kuvasz puppy is not recommended for apartment life since it is fairly active indoors. It needs a yard.

    Average size

    Height: 26 to 30 inches

    Weight: 70 to 115 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    Herding dog and as a family pet

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