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Komondor Puppies

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    Komondor Puppies

    The Komondor puppies San Diego are large sized Hungarian dog breeds used widely as livestock guardians. They are distinctively identified by their white-colored long and corded coat. Often, the breed is referred to as simply as the mop dog. It has a natural guardian instinct. It was first mentioned in 1544 and is now considered one of Hungary’s national treasures and is now protected and preserved from modifications.


    As aforementioned, the Komondor puppy San Diego will grow into a large sized dog. It makes the list of the largest dog breeds. Its body is covered in heavy corded coat which is matted. The body is robust. The breed has long legs and strong muscles. The tail is usually curled low. The head is broad and has a shorter muzzle. It makes a perfect scissor bite. The nose and the mouth of the breed are normally black. Additionally, in spite its large size, the San Diego Komondor puppies move with great agility and very quickly.

    The coat is thick and long. On the canine world, this breed has the heaviest amount of fur. The fur is matted and resembles a mop or dreadlocks. The puppy usually has a soft undercoat but a coarse outer coat. The dreadlock-like coat takes about 2 years to be completely formed. The breed sheds minimally. It has a white coat though discoloration may occur to working dogs. The breed should not be bathed unless when absolutely necessary because it takes 2 to 9 days for the coats to be completely dry.


    Despite being bred initially as working dogs, the San Diego Komondor puppies make great family dogs when properly trained, exercised and socialized. They require a firm authority. The breed was bred to be fiercely protective of the flock and to be confident. They have the courage to defend against attacking bears and wolves.

    The Komondor is bred to work independently. As a result, it has a very high dominancy level. The breed is calm and steady but fearless when there is trouble. It is affectionate with its owner and family and quite gentle with kids. It is also wary of strangers and protective of its home, possessions and family. It has no trouble living with other pets. Komondor puppy San Diego can make it hard to house break because it is intolerant to teasing and trespassers. It is, however, not ideal for a city life.


    The dog is prone to bloat, skin problems and hip dysplasia.


    The Komondor puppies San Diego need socialization from an early age. You need also to take them for long brisk walks to shed their excess energy if they do not have a job. Their hair should never be combed or brushed but divided into cords then trimmed. To avoid bloating, feed in small several meals a day instead of a single large meal. Additionally, you need to identify yourself as the pack leader.

    Average size

    Height: 26 inches

    Weight: 125 pounds

    Life expectancy

    About 10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    The Komondor is still used as a guard dog but widely considered as a family pet.

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