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    Keeshond Puppies

    If you are looking for a dog breed that will help you stand out, then the Keeshond is your perfect choice. This is a medium sized breed with a plush double coat of black and silver fur. It has a curled tail. The breed is believed to have originated from Netherlands and is the closest relative of the German spitzes. It was initially known as the German Spitz or the Wolfsspitz. This is because of its appearance. In 1926, the name was changed to Keeshond in England.


    The San Diego Keeshond puppies are sturdily built and have an appearance that is neither refined nor coarse. Their head is wedge shaped. The muzzle is of medium length. The ears are small and pointed and their face is quite expressive.

    The breed has a dense double coat and a thick ruff around its neck. The males have a thicker ruff. The body is covered in abundant long and harsh hair. The legs have smooth and short hair though the front legs have feathering. The tail has profuse hair. The head is also covered in smooth hair. Considering the thickness of the coat, you must be prepared for regular line brushing. The coat should never be shaved since it is what safeguards the dog from both heat and cold.

    The Keeshond puppies San Diego have a mixture of black and grey colors on their coat. The outer coat’s hair is black tipped thereby leading to characteristic shading. The concentration of the color may vary from dark to light. The tail’s plume is light grey. There is a dark line from the sides of the eyes.


    The Keeshond puppy San Diego is considered as a pet simply because it makes an excellent children’s companion. It is intelligent, active, keen and outgoing. The breed is associated with personality. They are easy to train and can be trained to perform. Generally, the breed is friendly and affectionate. It loves human companion and is loyal to the family. Training should be gentle and firm. It needs calm leadership. The breed is also good with household pets.

    To keep the dog from becoming timid or reserved, the Keeshond puppies San Diego need adequate socialization. They make great watchdogs but needs to be trained to stop pointless barking. The dog needs a park leader.


    The Keeshond puppies San Diego are prone to skin problems, hip dysplasia and heart diseases. Trick knee may develop in case of excessive exercising.


    The San Diego Keeshond puppy need a pack leader. You will also have to take them for daily walks to shed the excess natural energy. In grooming, you need daily brushing with a stiff bristle brush. Grooming is not as demanding as most people might think. The dog sheds twice annually. You need also to avoid overfeeding because the dog gains weight fast. Other than that, the breed will do well in an apartment.

    Average size

    Height: 17 to 19 inches

    Weight: 35 to 66 pounds

    Life span

    12 to 15 years

    Typical use

    Family pet

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