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Japanese Chin puppies

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    Japanese Chin Puppies

    The Japanese Chin is also known as the Japanese Spaniel. This is a cute looking dog breed ideal as a companion dog. The dog is usually adapted as a lap dog. It originally developed in China. The reason behind its breeding was to breed a companion dog for ladies in the Imperial Palace. The dog was kept in the hands of nobility and given as gifts to diplomats. Over the years, the breed has spread far and wide. If you are contemplating on getting Japanese Chin puppies San Diego, there are a few things you must learn about this breed.


    The Japanese Chin is a toy breed and grows to a maximum height of 11 inches. There are no weight requirements for this breed. The breed is characterized by its oriental expression with a large and broad head, large sized eyes that are wide set, a short muzzle, the ear feathering and the patterned markings on the face.

    The best thing about the San Diego Japanese Chin puppies is that they are of low maintenance. Their coat is long and smooth. The main colors are black and white & red and white. There are variations in the color intensity which may be white and mahogany or white and lemon.


    Of all the dog breeds, the Japanese Chin puppy San Diego is considered to be the most cat-like. It is intelligent, alert and very independent. What is more is that this dog breed will use its paws to wipe and wash its face. Other traits include the tendency to rest on high surfaces, walking swiftly on a table without causing a mess and the preference to rest on the lap of the owner. This breed is highly considered as a companion dog.

    The San Diego Japanese Chin puppies loves human companion and is happiest around people. Some may be disrespectful in the presence of strangers. Their loving nature makes them considerable as a therapy dog. In addition to teaching the dog new tricks, it is critical that you socialize him adequately with both people and household pets.

    The Japanese Chin puppies San Diego will bark when there is a stranger approaching. Other than that, they are pretty quiet. Their intelligence makes it possible to teach them a number of tricks. They are often used as show dogs.


    The flattened face of the San Diego Japanese Chin puppy leads to a couple of breathing issues. Extreme temperatures should be avoided to shun breathing problems. Other predisposed conditions include heart murmurs and Luxating patellas. You should also check for eye infections and hypoglycemia.


    The long hair needs regular brushing and combing at least twice a week. You need also to clean the ears and the skin folds around the nose. Wipe the face with a damp piece of cloth. Lastly, you need to make regular appointments to the vet for checkups.

    Average Size

    Height: 8 to 11 inches

    Weight: 7 to 9 pounds

    Life Span

    9 years

    Typical use

    Widely used as a companion dog.

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