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Great Pyrenees Puppies

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    Great Pyrenees Puppies

    If you are looking for a good mannered dog breed that will live for more than 10 years, then the Great Pyrenees is the right breed to go with. This is a large dog breed which was and is still used as a guardian dog. It was common among shepherds. Its descriptions date back to the 1407. Its unique coat and good temperament makes the Great Pyrenees puppies San Diego a perfect family dog choice for many people.


    The San Diego Great Pyrenees puppies have a weather resistant double coat. The coat has long hairs on the outer coat. Its undercoat is wooly. The coat is thicker at the shoulders and neck where it forms a mane. Males have a more profound mane. The coat gives the dog breed a wolf-like appearance.

    The coat is white in color. Some dogs may have shades of gray, tan or red on the face, ears and at times the tail. The coat thickens as the Great Pyrenees puppy San Diego matures. The nose and eye rim colors are jet black. The hind legs have double dewclaws.


    The Great Pyrenees San Diego have a gentle and confident nature and are quite affectionate. They are very protective of their family and flock. The breed is mainly considered for its patience and composure. It has also been found to be loyal. It has a strong drive; it is reserved and very independent. The breed is also attentive, courageous and very loyal to the duties assigned to it. Its large size makes it ideal as a guardian. The San Diego Great Pyrenees puppy defend their flock by barking. This is unless they are trained against barking behaviors.

    Proper training is required to bring the best of the breed. In general, this dog breed is slow to train, teach new commands and stubborn when it comes to training. It is hence considered to be one of the least intelligent dog breeds. However, it is very unusual for the breed to turn on its master.


    Bloat is the most common health issue facing this dog breed. Other issues include bone cancer, hip dysplasia, and luxate patellas. If the weather is hot, the breed may develop skin issues. Regular appointments with the vet will help curb most of the health issues.


    To stay in shape, the breed needs a lot of exercising. This is especially so if they do not have a job. You will need to give them daily walks which should be long and brisk. The double coat needs regular brushing. More attention must be given when it is shedding. In spite of it being hard to train, you must make sure it understands who the pack leader is. The breed must also understand that it is beneath humans. You need to be patient when training.

    Average Size

    Height: 25 to 32 inches

    Weight: 85 to 100 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    The breed is still being used as a guardian dog by herders. However, it is widely used as a family pet.

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