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    Golden Retriever Puppies

    According to the AKC, the Golden Retriever was bred predominantly for hunting.  This breed is extremely popular in the U.S. and with good reason. Golden Retrievers are quite smart and have a desire to please their owners.  Originating in Scotland, the Golden Retriever was bred to create a dog that had great skills in retrieval and was well acclimated to the weather and types of game available.  The Golden Retriever is actually a cross of a few breeds including the Irish Setter, Bloodhound, and Tweed Water Spaniel.


    There are no different varieties of the Golden Retriever .

    Average Size

    Males: usually ranged from 23-24 inches in height.
    Females:  21.5-22.5 inch average

    Average Weights

    Males:  usually 65-75 pounds
    Females:  usually 55-65 pounds


    The Golden Retriever is loyal and trustworthy as well as being friendly and inquisitive.  They mix well with other dogs and it is uncharacteristic for them to ever show aggressiveness towards dogs or people.


    Well… they love to retrieve.  The Golden Retriever loves to stay busy and is an active breed.  If you are searching for a breed that loves attention and being on the go, the Golden Retriever is a great choice for you.

    Typical Uses

    Golden Retrievers are great for companionship and hunting.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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