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German Pinscher Puppies

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    German Pinscher Puppies

    The German Pinscher originated in Germany. It is a medium-sized dog breed that is included in the origins of Miniature Pinscher, Dobermann, Standard Schnauzer, and Affenpinscher. The popularity of the German Pinscher puppies San Diego increased after 2003 after it was accepted by the dog clubs in the United States.


    In appearance, the San Diego German Pinscher puppies are moderately small in size. Their coat colors include rust, black, red, blue and tan and fawn.  The colors that are mainly allowed are rust and black. Some colors become extinct during the world wars. These colors include harlequin, solid black and salt-and-pepper.

    The San Diego German Pinscher puppies usually have their tails docked and their ears cropped. Historically, it is believed that docking prevented rabies and strengthened the back and increased the speed of the dog. Docking was also believed to prevent accidents while the dog was working. Ears are also cropped to reduce injuries and to increase the intensity of the breed’s appearance. Today, cropping and docking is done for cosmetic reasons.


    The German Pinscher puppies San Diego are considered for their even temperament. Due to the hereditary nature of the temperament, it is wise to meet with the mother of the German Pinscher puppy San Diego prior to making purchase. Other than that, the breeds are friendly, loving and highly intelligent. They are quick learners and detest repetition. When well trained and socialized, these dog breed can be trusted with kids and small animals. Supervision is, however, paramount. If the dog tends to shy away in the presence of strangers, this is a problem of improper breeding.

    The San Diego German Pinscher puppies are pretty energetic and best considered as working dogs. They require several hours of exercise in a day. They do well in a fenced yard. The breed may become bull headed if it senses that the owner is either passive or meek. They require human to canine communication which lets them know that they are below humans. It will bark when there are strangers approaching. The breed will be protective of its things such as bones, chair and food. The dog will get along with other house pets but will tend to chase cats when outdoors.


    The breed is generally healthy. However, due to the small gene pool, breeders are required to test for hereditary health issues such as hip dysplasia, cataracts and elbow dysplasia. The breed may also be affected by von Willebrand disease, the thyroid disorder as well as cardiac diseases. Breeds suspected of heart issues must be removed from the breeding program.


    When sufficiently exercised, the German Pinscher puppy San Diego will do okay in apartment life. It will, however, need a fenced yard to play in. Its strong, smooth and glossy coat needs little grooming. Brushing should be done occasionally to get rid of dead hair. The German Pinscher is an average shedder.

    Average Size

    Height: 16 to 19 inches

    Weight: 25 to 35 pounds

    Life Expectancy

    12 to 14 years

    Typical Use

    Mainly used as a family pet.

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