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French Bulldog Puppies

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    French Bulldog Puppies

    It pays to know the dog breed you are buying or rescuing. The information will help you take proper care of the pet and elude undesirable expenses. The French bulldog puppies are basically small and energetic breeds. They are characterized with large and rounded bat like earns and a square flat head. The head resembles that of the English bulldog only that it is smaller. It is the soft skin of the puppies that make them quite appealing to pet. If you are looking for a strong bond and a good laugh from time to time, this is a considerable pet to consider. Their life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.


    When it comes to the bulldogs, one trait you will really appreciate is the pleasant temperament. The bulldog puppies are quite playful and get along well with both strangers and animals. They are very friendly with older children. However, it is important to note that some males might tend to be aggressive if untamed or treated harshly.


    The bulldog grows to a maximum of 28 pounds (13 kilograms)


    11 to 13 inches

    Common colors

    • Brindle
    • Fawn
    • White
    • Combination of brindle and white


    Prior to the purchase of French bulldog puppies, it is essential to consider its character. The French bulldog is a hilarious small dog that is also affectionate. It is not bred for kennel breeding. The bulldog should always be in the family environment. It socializes well with other dogs and household pets. All in all, you must understand that this pet does not tolerate rough play hence highly advised against leaving it with small children.


    The bulldog puppies have a smooth and short body coat which does not require much grooming. You can get rid of the dry or loose hair with a rubber brush. Additionally, due to the flat muzzle, the bulldog tends to drool. For hygiene purposes, you should clean its mouth regularly with a recommended tooth brush and toothpaste. Bathing the puppy should only be done when necessary.

     Health problems

    The bulldog is prone to spinal disorders, joint diseases, heart defects and eye problems. Fat bulldogs find it hard to breathe in hot weather because of their swollen abdomen. It is also not recommended to put them under anesthesia because of their breathing issues. Frequent visits to the vet can help deal away with most health problems.


    To prevent aggressiveness, you should take time to train your puppies. It is easy to train a bulldog puppy since it responds fast to the voice of the handler. Consistence is, nevertheless, recommended. You should also note that the puppies do not respond superbly to harsh training; you need to be patient.


    The French bulldog puppies can quickly become overheated. This is because of the flat muzzle that makes it hard to breath. You should always provide adequate water and shade in extreme temperatures. The dog will also be prone to heatstroke if exercised in hot weather.

     Typical use

    They are perfect indoor companions.


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