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English Toy Spaniel Puppies

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    English Toy Spaniel Puppies

    If you are looking for a cute looking family companion, the English toy spaniel might be just what you have been looking for. The San Diego English toy spaniel puppy was initially created by crossing the small spaniels with the short snouted breeds like the Japanese Chin and Pug. The small breed was used mainly as a lap warmer. The breed was also used in hunting but strained a lot. It is widely used as a family pet.


    The English toy spaniel puppies grow into small and square shaped spaniels. They have a large round head which is proportional to their body. The muzzle is short and somewhat pushed back. There is extra skin under the dog’s eyes. They have a well defined deep stop. The nose is black and has large nostrils. The eyes are black or dark brown in color and have black eye rims. The ears are long and hang close to the head. The breed’s ears should not have a lot of white color on. The tail can be left natural or docked.

    The English toy spaniel puppies San Diego have a long coat which is a little wavy. The coat on the ears, chest, legs and feet has longer feathering. The colors are white with markings of red, white with tan and black markings, black and tan, deep mahogany red with a few white or a small patch of white on the chest.


    In general, the San Diego English toy spaniel puppy is gentle, very happy, cheerful, and affectionate. The breed is very intelligent and well behaved. If treated gently, it will be laid-back and quiet. The breed gets along with dogs and is very good with children. It is basically an average barker and can be used as a watchdog.  Due to its small size and calm nature, the English toy spaniel puppy San Diego is considered exclusively as a pet.

    The breed craves human companion and will need frequent attention. Handling should be consistent and loving. However, you need to be firm as this breed is prone to the small dog syndrome which can bring many problems once the English toy spaniel puppies take the alpha role. You need to train your puppies early enough and socialize them adequately.


    With human companion and exercising, they do well in apartment life. They can do without a yard. However, you need to understand that they do not do well in extreme temperatures. Daily walks offer sufficient exercises. Always have the dog behind you to prevent it from assuming the dominant role. They also will enjoy running about in a yard. They do not need any stripping or trimming. They are average shedders and need regular brushing.


    The English toy spaniel puppies San Diego may be susceptible to respiratory issues in hot weather, heart disease, eye problems, and ear infections as well as slipped stifle. Keep the ears and eyes clean.

    Average Size

    Height: 10 inches

    Weight: 9 to 12 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    Companion dogs

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