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English foxhound Puppies

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    English foxhound Puppies

    The English foxhound belongs to the four breeds of foxhound. This hound is best described as a scent hound and was initially bred to hunt foxes using its good sense of smell. The breed originated from breeding different hounds and then intermixing with Greyhound, Bulldog and Fox Terrier. The San Diego English Foxhound puppies have a great nose and great stamina which keeps them moving for longer when hunting. This is the rarest of breeds in the United States.


    The English foxhound puppies are among the few dog breeds that are easily identifiable. They have great eyes which seem to connect with you as soon as you come upon them. The breed has an athletic look and wide skull. The muzzle is long and the neck is also long giving it a graceful and strong appearance. The shoulders are long and covered in muscles. The bottom edges of the dog’s ears are rounded and the paws are cat-like. All this adapts it for hunting. The eyes are large and brown in color. The coat of the English foxhound puppy San Diego is both short and hard. This makes it easy to maintain. The coat is also light hence making the breed not able to withstand adverse temperatures. The colors are a combination of white, black and tan. It is also common to find the breed with such colors as yellow and orange. This breed is a moderate shedder.


    The English foxhound puppies are natural hunters. They are obedient to their master and will tend to be distracted by scents. In general, this breed is normally inherently active and very passionate about its surroundings. Due to its curiosity, it may be a bit hard to train this dog breed. To appease its nature, you must interact with it. They are very active dogs that will always be on the move. They are friendly to young kids and do well in a family setting. They never bark at strangers but will instead nose around them. The San Diego English Foxhound puppies need a lot of socialization. This dog breed is comfortable to live with but not recommended for the inactive owner.


    The English foxhound puppy San Diego is generally a very health breed. All in all, just like all dog breeds, there are a number of issues to watch out for. The main health concerns are chronic hip dysplasia, renal disease, and epilepsy and eye concerns. Regular checkups by a vet will deal away with these issues.


    The short and hard coat of the English foxhound puppies is easy to maintain. You will need to regularly care for it with a bristle brush at least once a week. Brushing gives the coat a bristle shine. The breed is a moderate shedder. In addition to grooming, you need to exercise it daily. This will shed the excess natural energy and make the dog happy.

    Average Size

    Height: 21 to 25 inches

    Weight: 65 to 75 pounds

    Typical use

    The breed is still used as a hunting dog but it is mostly adopted as a family pet.

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