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English Bulldog Puppies

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     English Bulldog Puppies

    The English bulldog is a heavily built dog with a distinctive wrinkled face and a pushed in nose. The dog has thick skin folds on the forehead; a short muzzles with characteristic folds known as ‘rope’ on the nose; round, black wide side eyes; hanging skin beneath the neck; pointed teeth and drooping lips. The teeth often make an under-bite. The dog’s coat is short, sleek and flat. It also has mixed colors which could be a combination of red, fawn, brindle and white. In general, the basic traits of a bulldog are a frowned face, rounded chest, a short tail and legs as well as a compact muscular body. These distinctive bulldogs San Diego traits can be seen even on the youngest of puppies.



    The English bulldogs are believed to have been bred in England in the 1500s. The main purpose of their breeding at the time was bull baiting. This is a gambling sport in which dogs were matched up against a bull or bear that was chained. They were hence bred for their sheer fighting capacity with their iron jaw that never releases after clamping. The popularity of the bulldogs declined after the bull baiting sport was outlawed in 1830s. The bulldogs are a symbol of the British tenacity and a popular American pet.



    • Handsome Dan
    • Yale Mascot
    • Tyson


    Size and weight of a fully grown bulldog

    Height: 12 – 14 inches

    Weight: 22 – 55 kilograms



    The English bulldog puppies are affectionate, gentle, sensitive, fearless and uncomplicated. In spite of the sour face, the bulldog is loyal and has a lighthearted attitude. The bulldogs San Diego are happiest on the side of their owner and can easily misbehave if ignored. They are generally active, playful and alert.



    The English bulldog puppies intermingle well with other dogs and house pets. They are well behaved and easy going with children. Some of the bulldogs are cautious with strangers whereas most are friendly with practically everyone. They are also more likely to snore and drool.


    Caring for the Puppies

    When the bulldog puppies are shedding, you should use a rubber brush to get rid of dead hairs. There is a special lotion that can be applied on the tail and facial folds to keep them clean. You can also use a recommended toothbrush and toothpaste. With proper care, your puppy can grow up to 12 years.


    In training, you ought to be consistent. You should also understand that the bulldog is sensitive to the voice of the handler thereby making easier to hone its character. It is quick to learn simple tasks though a little unpredictable because of its stubbornness. Adequate sleep is also important for the healthy development of bones, joints and muscles. You should also note that most bulldogs cannot swim and they cannot run long distances or jump from tall shelves.


    Typical use

    The English bulldog puppies are basically purchased for companion. They are loyal and social. Some United States Marine Corps own bulldogs on base.



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