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Dalmatian Puppies

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    Dalmatian Puppies

    The Dalmatian is a dog breed that is believed to have its roots in Dalmatia, Croatia. This dog breed is best identified by its unique colors of brown or black spots on its white coat. It was initially used as a carriage dog. Today, the Dalmatian puppies are mainly purchased and trained to be nothing more than family pets. Some people still enter their dogs in competition of various clubs.


    The San Diego Dalmatian puppies are simply mid-sized, muscular and have superior endurance as well as stamina. The males are slightly larger than the females. The shoulders are laid back and the body’s length is equal to the height at the withers. The feet have well arched toes and the nails may either be white or take the color of the spots on the dog’s coat. The ears taper to the top and are high and close to the head. The eye colors may be blue, amber or brown. It is also common to find a Dalmatian puppy San Diego with one eye blue and the other brown or any other color combination.

    When shopping for the Dalmatian puppies, you must understand that they are born with a white coat. The spots develop after about three weeks. In spite of the coat having spots of brown or black, it is possible to find other colors on the coat such as brindle, mosaic, lemon, orange, blue or blue-grayish. The color patches can be found anywhere on the dog’s body. The coat is short and smooth. The coat sheds all year-round. Weekly grooming is required.


    The Dalmatian puppies were bred to run alongside the horse-drawn carriage. As a result, they have high energy and stamina. They are happy, playful, dedicated and easy going. With human companionship, they need a lot of leadership. They bore easily and will not do well alone in the yard. They love playing with older kids. They need socialization and will get along with other house pets. If contemplating on adopting or purchasing a Dalmatian puppy San Diego, you need to make sure you have the time to train him, socialize and take up the alpha position.


    Being a high energy dog, daily long walks or jogs are a must. They do well with a sizeable yard where they can run around. The breed sheds lightly all year. They do not give the doggy odor.


    The San Diego Dalmatian puppies are fairly healthy. However, like all dog breeds, they are susceptible to a range of health issues. The most popular health issues include bone spurs, arthritic conditions, and hip dysplasia. The breed may also suffer deafness, hyperuricemia, Dalmatian-Pointer Backcross Project and other hereditary illness. Regular appointments to the vet may help eliminate most of these health risks.

    Average Size

    Height: 19 to 24 inches

    Weight: 45 to 70 pounds


    10 to 12 years

    Litter Size

    9 to 13 puppies

    Typical Use

    In addition to being used as a family pet, the Dalmatian puppy San Diego can be used as a rescue dog, athletic partner or a guardian.


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