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Dachshund Puppies

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     Dachshund Puppies

    The Dachshund belongs to the hound family. It is a short legged dog with a long body. The standard sized dog was bred to chase scent and flush out burrow dwelling animals like badgers. The smaller breed was bred to hunt smaller prey like rabbits. The American West has also used the dog to hunt prairie dogs. The breed originated in Germany but remains among the top 10 dogs bred in the US. When translated from German to English, the name means a Badger Dog.


    The typical Dachshund puppies are muscular and long bodied. They have short stubby legs with large and oddly padded front paws. This is an adaptation for intense digging. There is a report of one dog having dug a hole of 10 meters to catch prey. The breed has a silky coat with short featherings on its ears and legs. The skin is loose not to tear when tunneling in narrow burrows. For adequate air while burrowing, the Dachshund puppys chest is considerably deep. The breed can burrow for three straight days. The snout is long and has an increased nose area for optimal odor absorption.

     Types of Dachshund

    • Short haired (smooth)
    • Long haired
    • Wire haired

    As aforementioned, there are three coat variations in the Dachshund puppies San Diego. The wire haired is the least popular in the United States and the most popular in Germany. The dogs can be single colored or single colored with spots or a single colored with patterns and tan points. The dogs with teal colored points are rare and very expensive. They can cost up to $30,000. The dominant coat color is red, black and tan. The dogs that are considered handsome are those with solid chocolate and solid black colors. These colors are not standard.

    The light colored Dachshund puppies can have light brown, sport amber or green eye colors. The standards set by the kennel club says that the darker the color of the eyes, the better. It is also common to see a Dachshund with a brown and blue eye.


    This dog breed is playful and can at times be stubborn. They often chase after small animals and objects such as balls with ferocity and determination. Their stubbornness also makes them difficult to train. Statistically speaking, the breed is aggressive to both dogs and strangers. They can also be aggressive towards their owner. Proper training is required.

    The dogs have a loud bark and are loyal to their owner. When left alone, they will whine until they get company. They can also get the separation anxiety and chew on objects when stressed. They also burrow in blankets and other things when tired or bored. They can make it hard to housebreak.

    Average size

    The breed comes in 3 sizes: kanichen (Rabbit), miniature and standard. The rabbit size is not recognized by both the US and UK. It is, however, recognized by the World Canine Federation. The difference in all three types is determined by weight and size.


    Weight: 7.3 to 13 kilograms


    Weight: less than 5.4 kilograms


    Weight: 3.6 to 5 kilograms

    Typical use

    The Dachshund puppies San Diego are popular as pets. They are good with both urban and apartment residents.

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