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Dachshund (miniature) Puppies

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    Dachshund (miniature) Puppies

    The first impression people have at the first sight of the Dachshund miniature puppies is a cute looking and cuddly dog. The truth is these pets are extremely energetic, intelligent and very curious. They are always ready for games or walks in the park. They get bored when left alone to the extent of chewing on furniture.  These breed is nicknamed ‘hot dogs’ or ‘weiner dogs’. It is also common to hear them being described as ‘two dogs long and a half dog high’. This is because they are longer than they are tall.


    The Dachshund miniature puppys come in all three coats: the smooth, wire-haired and long-haired. They can also be found in many colors which include tan, red, chocolate, yellow, grey, black or a combination of all the aforementioned colors. According to breeders, the smaller the breed is the better. The Dachshund puppies miniature San Diego are low to the ground. They have short legs and a robust muscular development. Their skin is elastic. In the capacity of movement, the Dachshund miniature puppies do not appear awkward, crippled or cramped. They are well balance with their bold head and high intelligence. Initially, these dog breed was developed to hunt small animals both above and below ground. They have a high sense of smell which helps in trailing.


    Having been initially bred for hunting, they are very independent and high-spirited. They have a very keen sense of smell and a high level of intelligence. They can think on their own. These dog breeds are superb for families with older kids who are patient and mature. The breed is also both affectionate and devoted to the owner. When there are strangers approaching, they will voice loudly and yet accept the strangers after a short introduction. True to their hunting traits, the Dachshund miniature puppys love the outdoors. They do well with a sizeable yard to play and run around. They also have a tendency of chasing small animals and may also dig holes when bored. With sufficient exercises, they will be okay in apartments. They are by far among the most popular city dogs.

    Other than that, you should note that the Dachshund puppies miniature are both bold and proud. They need proper training, attention and reinforcement training. They will surprise with their dependable and lovable temperament. They can thrive with both individuals and families.


    The best care you can give to the San Diego Dachshund miniature puppy is daily exercises. These are small but high energy dogs. Failure to exercise them sufficiently will lead to undesirable behaviors. Frequent walks are recommended.


    • Inter-vertebral disc disease caused by obesity
    • Loss of their ability to walk or move their limbs
    • Loss of control of their urinary bladder

    Average size

    Height: 5 to 7 inches

    Weight: 8 to 11 pounds

    Life expectancy

    The Dachshund miniature puppies live for 12 to 14 years though some can live up to 16.

    Typical Use

    In spite of their being hunting dogs, the Dachshund puppies miniature San Diego are widely used as pets. Some people still use them in hunting.

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