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Collie Puppies

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    Collie Puppies

    The Collie puppies are very elegant and graceful despite their large body and active nature. Their coat causes them to appear as though gliding along the ground when they run. They are generally affectionate and loyal. They are also naturally responsive to man. Their distinctive characteristics include the brilliant coat and the wedge shaped head. The coat of the San Diego Collie puppy can be rough or smooth and the fur is accepted in white and sable, tri-color, white and blue merle.


    Many Collie puppies are back and black-and-white. Their exact origin remains unclear though it has been associated with Scotland. The breed is far spread in Britain hence further confusion. Elsewhere, this breed is referred to as shepherd or sheepdog.

    The Collie puppies grow into medium sized dogs. They are fairly light built and have erect or partly erect ears and a pointed snout. They give a foxy impression. The breeds used in cattle herding are stockier. The fur of this breed might be short, flat or long. The tail could also be feathered, smooth or bushy and is usually in an upward twist or swirl. The breed has a long tail.

    The colors of the coat vary. They may be red, black and tan, red and tan, sable or back and white. Most dogs have the white color along with their main color under the chest and belly. The shoulders and parts of the legs and face may also have the white color. The white may also be absent or limited only to the toes and chest. The most widespread colors are black and white or the tricolor of black, tan and white.


    The temperaments vary slightly depending on the type. The working type includes the Border collie. It is energetic and particularly agile and has a great stamina. They can run all day devoid of tiring. The working Collie puppies have a keen intelligence that is ideal for their job. They are also highly motivated. The working types have also been known to be more loyal. They have a high instinct for hunting.

    The show and pet types include the rough collies, the smooth collies and the Shetland sheepdogs and at times Border Collies. These Collie puppies San Diego are mainly bred as pets. They are also used in sports. They are highly trainable, loyal, gentle, and intelligent. Their devotion and gentleness makes them ideal for kids. They are best as companions than working dogs.


    The San Diego Collie puppy requires a good job or walk on the leash or a play session daily. The dog can live outside in cool to temperate climates but favors indoors with human companion. The breed with a thick coat needs combing or brushing daily.


    Most of the San Diego Collie puppies are prone to genetic defects. The dogs that are affected are sensitive to over 100 different drugs which include antibiotics, steroids and Ivermectin. Other issues include canine cyclic neutroopenia.

    Average Size

    Height: 22 to 26 inches

    Weight:  60 to 75 pounds


    8 to 12 years

    Typical use

    They are used in show rings and widely as pets. They also help in herding.

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