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Chinese Crested Dog Puppies

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    Chinese Crested Dog Puppies

    The Chinese Crested Dog puppies are hairless breeds. They are born in two varieties of fur and without fur. The two varieties are in the same litter: hairless and powder-puff. The hairless and the powder-puff are not complete dominant traits. The hairless dog usually has a humanlike skin that is soft. It has tufts of fur on the paws and tail. Its head has long and flowing hair on the head. The haired are homozygous while the hairless ones are heterozygous.

    The San Diego Chinese Crested Dog puppies have varying amounts of body hair. The muzzle hair is uncommon. The true hairless dog has no hair on its head, tail and paws. The main difference between the powder-puff and the hairless is that hairless dogs have a single coat whereas the powder-puff has a double coat.

    The hairless comes in a range of colors which vary from pale flesh to black. The hairless will also lack a complete set of premolar teeth. This is, however, not a fault. The looks of the powder-puff Chinese Crested Dog puppy San Diego is dependent on how it is groomed. The powder-puff closely resembles the terrier when the hair is fully grown. It is also important to note that the amount of hair on the hairless varies from completely hairless to very little. Some hairless will grow hair to almost full coat when un-groomed.


    The San Diego Chinese Crested Dog puppies remain to be rare breeds. They are alert, charming, agile and generally lovable. The breed is playful with children but requires supervision because its lack of skin makes it susceptible to injuries in rough play. The breed will also require adequate socialization as a puppy and sufficient training. It is also good with other household pets.


    The powder-puff Chinese Crested Dog puppies San Diego require frequent brushing to avoid matting. This is because of their fine and soft double coat. The puffs have little to no shedding and the hair of some breeds may grow to full length. Trimming and shaving is only done to get rid of excess hair.

    When it comes to the hairless dog, maintenance is similar to that of human skin. Consequently, the skin may be susceptible to dryness, acne as well as sunburn. Oil-free moisturizers are recommended on the dry skin. The moisturizer should be applied after bathing. Baby sunscreen can help prevent sunburns if spending a day under the sun. All in all, care should be taken when choosing products since some skins are susceptible to allergies.


    The San Diego Chinese Crested puppy are not affected by most congenital diseases found in toy breeds. The breed is, however, prone to a number of health issues among them being poor dentition. This may include crowded or missing teeth, decayed teeth and many other dental defects. The breed also may suffer from inherited eye problems such as Primary Lens Luxation and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. The latter can lead to blindness if not cared for. Other health issues include progressive neuronal abiotrophy, patellar luxation, allergy and autoimmune diseases.

    Average Size

    Height: 9 to 12 inches

    Weight: 10 to 13 pounds


    12 to 14 years

    Typical use




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