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Canaan Puppies

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     Canaan Puppies

    The Canaan dog is medium sized. Its body is squarely proportioned. The head is wedged and has a shallow but well defined stop. The muzzle is proportional to the skull. The nose has varying shades of liver depending on the color of the coat. The teeth make a scissor bite; a level bite is also accepted. The eyes are almond shaped and are somewhat slanted and are hazel in color. The eye rims have a liver color whose shade is dependent on the coat color. The ears are erect.

    The neck of the San Diego Canaan dog puppies is usually well arched. The legs are straight and the tail is set high and may be carried over the back when excited. The feet are cat-like though they have hard pads. The dewclaws are usually removed. The dog has a double coat with the outer coat being harsh and the undercoat soft. The coat can be in a range of colors which include solid black, brown, tan, red, sandy, liver, and black or with patterns of brown & white, white & liver, black & white. The San Diego Canaan dog puppy with a solid color might have a white trim on its chest; tip of the tail and on the feet.


    The Canaan dog puppies are best used as working dogs. They excel in herding and other activities that involve obedience and dependability. They are excellent in tracking, agility and herding. The breed tends to work as a team but can be an independent thinker. They respond well to motivational training especially when the owner is mixing a range of things. They are easily bored with repetition.

    In general, the Canaan dog puppies San Diego are devoted, gentle and very loyal to their families. They are protective. Their traits make them considerable as guard and watchdogs.  Other than that, the breed will be aggressive towards other dogs and if not stopped, it will bark a lot. The San Diego Canaan dog puppy needs to be socialized in order to avoid the aggressive nature. It should also be trained to deal with undesirable behaviors such as barking. Due to their high intelligence, they need a strict owner. Failure to establish ground rules will cause them to become pack leaders. You must take the master role when dealing with this breed.


    Exercising is paramount with the Canaan dog puppies. With adequate exercises, they can do well in apartment life. An average sized yard is recommended for them to run around and shed their natural energy. Long daily walks will also make the dog happy.

    The Canaan dog puppies have no doggie odor and are very clean. They are easy to groom and need combing at least once a week. Extra care is needed when shedding.

    Average Size

    Height: 19 to 24 inches

    Weight: 35 to 55 pounds

    Life Span

    12 to 15 years

    Typical Use

    The Canaan dog puppies San Diego are widely used as family pets. They can also be used as guard and watchdogs.

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