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    About Bullmastiff

    The bullmastiff is a recommended dog for the family with well behaved children. It is both gentle and affectionate. The breed has a black nose and eyes that are dark hazel in color. Its ears are v-shaped and normally hang downward. The tail is high set and reaches to the hock. In general, the body of the bullmastiff puppy is square looking, large and pretty powerful. The coat, on the other hand, is short and quite easy to maintain. It comes in a range of colors including fawn, brindle and reddish-brown. Just like it is the case with all other breeds, the male is larger in size than the female.


    The bullmastiff puppy was developed by the British gamekeepers in the mid 19th century. The dog was created to offer protection against poachers. The large mastiff was crossed with a bulldog to create the powerfully built and active animal. The idea was to get a breed that could cover short distances fast and knock down poachers as well as restrain them until apprehension. Over the years, the breed has changed. It is easygoing, loving, and loyal and loves human companion. The breed is widely used in show rings and as a family pet. It was first recognized in 1933.


    As aforementioned, the San Diego bullmastiff puppies are affectionate and gentle with the family members. They are normally calm and even-tempered. This is the trait that makes them a perfect choice for the families with good mannered kids. When there is a stranger in the house, the dog might get aggressive. They are suspicious of strangers and should be adequately socialized as puppies to avoid aggressiveness towards visitors.

    Generally speaking, the bullmastiff puppies San Diego might be affectionate and gentle but they are not easy to train. They are independent thinkers. Patience ought to be exercised when training him. Additionally, the breed should not be trusted with other pets. It is less tolerant to animals.


    With it being initially bred as a working dog, you have to be prepared for a high level of natural energy. To bring the best character out of him, you need to exercise him on a daily basis. A walk could be sufficient. This will also help deal with the weight gain problem.

    Another important thing to do is train it in good time. The San Diego bullmastiff puppy needs training and socialization. When properly socialized as a puppy, he will be less aggressive towards strangers.

    If you are buying him as an apartment dog, you need to buy a bib. The breed drools. They are also snores. He will also be prone to large dog illnesses such as hip dysplasia. The short coat should also be groomed. The breed is a minimal shedder.

    Average Size

    Height: 25 to 26 inches

    Weight:  100 to 130 pounds

    Life Expectancy

    8 to 10 years

    Typical Use

    The bullmastiff puppy is still used as a working dog or as a guardian. They can also be seen in show rings. The breed is, however, widely used as a family pet.

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