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Briard Puppies

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    Briard Puppies

    The Briard puppy is the hardest puppy to find in San Diego. This is because of the low breeding rate of 40 to 50 litters annually. As a result, breeders are vigilant when selling their puppies. It takes much time and dedication to bring up these breeds and the best you can do is learn as much as you can about them to determine whether you will be able to task yourself with the obligation. The following points about the Briard puppies San Diego can give you insight on what to expect.


    The Briard puppy San Diego can come in a range of colors. The dog is of a medium size; it is rugged, agile and has a harsh double coat. The breed also has double dewclaws which are low on the back legs. The dewclaws resemble additional toes. Being initially bred for herding, the breed maintains a small size which enables it to move fast after flocks. They are also large enough to defend the flock against predators such as wolves and foxes.


    Generally, the San Diego Briard puppies are intelligent and loyal. They require an equally intelligent owner else they will start herding the household. They were originally bred to herd and move flocks. They are hence energetic and when used as pets and not well exercised, they can be problematic. Failure to train or socialize will cause the dog to be unsocial and at times overprotective.

    Standard San Diego Briard puppies have high spirits and are wise and fearless. Their intelligence makes it easy to train. They are faithful, obedient and gentle. They have a great memory and have a seething desire to please. Even today, the breed retains the instinct to guard. He is, however, reserved with strangers and affectionate with the people he knows.


    The hardest thing about caring for the Briard puppy is brushing the thick coat. It can take up to 2 hours or more to groom the dog every week. Brushing should be done daily. There are some Briards that have a gentle coat which only needs brushing once a week. The breed sheds.

    Other than grooming, you need to sufficiently exercise your dog. This is the most important thing to do in order to shed the excess natural energy. Exercising will bring out a loyal and happy dog. If you do not use him in herding, you must take him for daily walks or jogs.


    The Briard puppies San Diego are fairly healthy. However, you need to take them for frequent checkups. The main health issues which also contribute to most deaths are cancer and torsion/ bloat.

    Why is the breed not for everyone?

    • Can be aloof
    • Need constant and time consuming grooming
    • They shed
    • They are extremely intelligent
    • Will find their own job if not designated one
    • They need a strict boss

    Average Size

    Height: 23 to 27 inches

    Weight: 50 to 100 pounds

    Typical Use

    The Briard puppy is considered as a family dog. This is because of its loyalty and good relationship with kids. It can also be used as a herding or guarding dog.

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