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Boxer Puppies

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     Boxer Puppies

    The Boxer is characterized by its medium size and short haired body. The coat of the dog is smooth and tight. The common colors are brindle and fawn. The coat can either have the white markings or not. The muzzle is square, the skull is broad and short and the teeth make an under bite. Other than that, the jaws are pretty strong and make a very powerful bite which is crucial for hanging on prey. The first Boxer puppies were bred from Old English Bulldogs and the Bullenbeisser which is now extinct. This was done in Germany. Statistically speaking, the Boxers are the 7th most popular dog breeds in the US.


    The most distinctive feature of the Boxer puppies San Diego is the head. The set standards for the breed dictate that the head be proportional to the body; the ratio of the muzzle to the head must be 1:3. There are folds running downwards on either sides of the muzzle. The nose tip lies higher than the muzzle root. When buying Boxers in San Diego, it is crucial to ensure that the lower jaw protrudes further out than the upper jaw. The lower jaw also bends slightly up. This leads to an undershot/ under-bite. Often, the dog is cropped or docked in most countries.

    The coat of the Boxer in San Diego has short hair. It is smooth and shiny. The underbelly and the feet are usually white. The white marking (flash) can also extent up to the dog’s face or neck. This earns the dog the name, ‘Flashy’. Brindle and fawn are the recognized colors. Fawn depicts color tones of light tan, reddish tan, yellow tan, deer red, dark honey blind and mahogany. Brindle, on the other hand, refers to a boxer that has black strips over the fawn background. The white boxers are those with white markings covering over a third of their body.


    The Boxers are often purchased for being good with children. They are found to be energetic and playful. The Boxers also require regular exercising to prevent boredom and undesired behaviors such as digging, chewing and licking. When it comes to training, they are more responsive to positive reinforcement methods like clicker training. Generally, the Boxer is not a vicious or aggressive dog. It can, however, present aggressive reactions when provoked. They are patient with other small dogs but aggressive towards the larger ones. Human or the canine form of companion is sufficient for this breed.


    Male: 30 to 32 kilograms

    Female: 25 to 27 kilograms


    6 to 8 inches

    Life expectancy

    9 to 10 years

    Typical use

    The Boxer puppies San Diego are purchased as human companions. They are great family dogs. They can also be used as guard dogs because of their alertness, strength and aggressive reaction towards strangers. Boxer puppies, on the other hand, are considerable for their expression of mood mirroring. They are curious, charming and have a flexible attention. They are also used as guide dogs for the visually impaired persons. The K9 units also use them as police dogs. They can also be used in herding.

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