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Border Terrier Puppies

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     Border Terrier Puppies

    The Border Terrier is both a sturdy and medium-boned dog. It has narrow shoulders. The space between its eyes is moderately wide. Its muzzle is short and dark in color. The muzzle has a broad stop. The nose of the Border Terrier puppies is black in color. The teeth make a strong scissor bite. It has small V-shaped ears which are set on the side of its head. The ears drop forward towards the cheeks and are dark colored. The eyes are medium sized and dark hazel.

    The fore legs are not too heavy and are usually straight. The dog has a moderate sized tail which is thick at the base and somewhat tapers. It has a double coat which is short, wiry and dense. The coat comes in various colors such as grizzle & tan, red, wheaten and blue & tan. Some San Diego Border Terrier puppies may have white on their chest. The breed with a dark muzzle is more considered in show rings.


    Generally, the Border Terrier puppies San Diego are bold and alert. The dog is very agile and willing to go through narrow spaces in order to capture its prey. Due to their high energy, they are usually lively. They are also good mannered, affectionate and keen to please. As a result, training does not require much effort.

    The Border Terrier puppies make good watchdogs. They normally bark but are never aggressive. It is crucial that you socialize them sufficiently as puppies. To avoid excess timidity, you must make it accustomed to loud noises while still young.

    Being initially bred as hunting dogs, the Border Terrier puppies San Diego love digging. It is hence advisable to add reinforcement along fences. Proper training and exercising is also recommended. If well socialized, they not only make great companions but also do well with house pets such as cats. However, due to its high hunting instinct, you should never trust him with non-canine house pets like guinea pigs, birds and rabbits. Additionally, to avoid the small dog syndrome, you need to be cautious when treating him. You need to be firm, consistent and confident as a pack leader. The breed is also prone to separation anxiety hence the need not to leave your puppies alone for long.

    Health Concerns

    Generally, the breed is health. However, you need to watch out for the hereditary Canine epileptoid cramping syndrome (Spike’s disease).


    Regular vet appointments are highly recommended. Considering their high energy levels, the San Diego Border Terrier puppy need regular exercises and socialization. A small yard could be sufficient. Long daily walks are recommended.

    The coat of this breed is considerably durable and rarely sheds. It is for this reason that the Border Terrier is recommended for the allergy sufferers. Weekly brushing is required and you should only bathe the dog when absolutely necessary. Professional grooming is required every six months.

    Average Size

    Height: 11 to 16 inches

    Weight: 11 to 16 pounds

    Life Expectancy

    15 years

    Litter Size

    Average of 4 puppies

    Typical Use

    • House pet
    • Hunting dog
    • Show ring dog



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