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Border Collie Puppies

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     Border Collie Puppies

    If you are looking for an attractive, loyal and trainable pet, the Border Collie might be what you have been searching for. It is a smart pet with an oversupply of energy. It is not the kind of dog that spends the entire day on the coach. It is a fun dog that does well in an active family. It is preferable for as a farm dog though with sufficient daily exercise, it can be adopted as an apartment pet.


    The Border Collie puppies San Diego are believed to have originated in Northumberland on Scottish/ English border. They were developed after breeding several Spaniel and other early droving breeds. The breed makes the best sheepherder. Additionally, due to its adaptability and high intelligence, it is widely used in bomb and narcotics detection. The dog is also used in assisting the blind.


    The Border Collie puppies grow into medium sized dogs with a light frame and long coat hair. The breed has a wide head and a tapering muzzle. Its ears are half-perked and dark in color. The eyes are oval in shape. The dog has a long tail which rises without a curl. It has a double coat which is both sleek and coarse. The body colors range from black to black & white to tri-color to red & white to black & gray. Generally, the Border Collie puppies San Diego have an athletic body which is both agile and strong. The dog is always quick and well coordinated. It is ever alert.


    • Double coat
    • Both Intelligent and independent
    • Keen to please
    • Aloof with strangers
    • Great herder
    • Perfectionist
    • Determined worker


    The San Diego Border Collie puppy is always eager to please. It is trainable and can at times be a perfectionist when it comes to learning and doing things. They are also known to form a strong bond with their owner and cold with strangers. Their alertness and heightened senses will let you know when a person is approaching from a distance.

    The Border Collie puppies have natural instincts in herding. If insufficiently trained and socialized, they may start herding children and other household pets. The breed also needs an alpha in the household. You must set rules and make sure they are adhered to.


    The San Diego Border Collie puppy makes a great pet. However, to ensure it is the likeable pet you want it to be, you must keep it busy. This can be done with a day job or regular exercising. Failure to do this will lead to the development of destructive tendencies and end up being a dull dog. Proper and consistent training is highly recommended.

    Health Concerns

    • Hip dysplasia
    • Progressive retinal atrophy
    • Canine deafness
    • Seizures
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Collie eye anomaly

    Average Size

    Height: 18 to 21 inches

    Weight: 30 to 50 pounds

    Life Expectancy

    15 years

    Typical Use

    With adequate exercising and proper training, the San Diego Border Collie puppy is recommended as a pet. It makes an ideal companion for:

    • Agility trainers
    • Homes with older children
    • Shepherds
    • Singles
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