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    Belgian Tervuren

    The Belgian dog breeds are known for their intelligent and attractive look. The selection is huge but if you are looking for breeds that will standout, you should consider the Belgian Tervuren puppy San Diego. It is exceptional in more ways than one.


    The Belgian Tervuren puppy San Diego grows into a medium sized dog. The breed has a double coat with long hair. It is recognized by its thick double coat which is often mahogany in color. The chest is white and the coat has a black mask. It is normally a square proportioned breed.


    Just like all the Belgians, the Belgian Tervuren puppies are known for their alertness, watchfulness and high natural energy. It is for this reason that they are often considered for energy intensive activities such as livestock herding. Their alertness also makes them a perfect choice for law enforcement agencies.

    In addition to that, for the best traits, the San Diego Belgian Tervuren puppy  will need regular physical and mental exercises. They make great jogging and hiking partners. They also enjoy playing outside or running amok in a fenced yard. With sufficient exercise, you will be able to bring the best of them.

    Early training is also recommended. Failure to exercise and train the San Diego Belgian Tervuren puppies in good time is known to be the cause of unfavorable traits. He needs socialization with strangers and training on a variety of fronts. Absent proper training, it is important to note that he might tend to nip the heels of children or even attempt to herd them along with other house pets.


    The best care you can give to your Belgian Tervuren puppy San Diego is daily exercises. The breed was initially bred as a working dog. As a result, they may redirect their natural energy to destructive activities if unexercised. They require strenuous activities which can either be walks or jogs. What is more is that they do best with a job.

    The double coat of the Belgian Tervuren sheds. It is important to brush it at least twice a week. More brushing is required when shedding.


    In general, the Belgian Tervuren puppies are considerably healthy. Nonetheless, they are prone to a number of issues like epilepsy, skin allergies and hip dysplasia. They can also be sensitive to anesthesia. You should set regular appointments with the vet for proper care.


    The Belgian Tervuren puppies are intelligent and can participate in a number of activities such as agility trials, showmanship, obedience, fly-ball, herding and tracking. In general, the breed exhibits natural herding habits. It also has a tendency to chase.

    Average Size

    Height: 22 to 26 inches

    Weight: 60 to 65 pounds

    Life Expectancy

    With proper care, the breed can live for 10 to 12 years.

    Typical Use

    Due to their intelligence and good manners, the San Diego Belgian Tervuren puppies are preferred as pets. They do well with children, house pets and love human companion. Proper socialization and exercising is required. What is more is that they make great livestock herders. They are also considered by law enforcement agencies.

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