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    Belgian Malinois

    Are you thinking about buying a new pet? If yes, the first thing you should do is understand it. Learn about its temperament, personality and characteristics. This will not only help you make an informed decision but also save you the pain of bringing home a pet you will never appreciate. There are a number of things you should learn about Belgian Malinois before buying.


    The Belgian Malinois is a medium sized dog. It has a mahogany coat which is short. Its ears are black and always erect. The muzzle is black.  Initially, the breed was bred for performance rather than form. Consequently, their appearance varies significantly. The accepted color for the pure breed is fawn or mahogany base color and a tan with black mask. The ears are black.


    The Belgian Malinois is an intelligent dog that learns pretty fast. It is energetic, trainable and considered a working dog. They make great pets for the active families. Today, because of the ease in training especially when it comes to obedience, the Belgian Malinois puppies are often bought and trained as police, military or homeland security dogs.

    If you are thinking of getting a Belgian Malinois puppy San Diego, it is important to note that he will never be happy unless you engage him in intensive exercises. These breed is very energetic, intelligent and does well with a job. If you plan on purchasing him as a house pet, you should spend some time walking him on a daily basis. They make great jogging, hiking and biking partners. They also do well in a fenced yard where they can run around to shed their high natural energy.

    The San Diego Belgian Malinois puppies are protective and alert. As a result, they make great watchdogs. They have a great sense of smell and sight. Their hearing is also exceptional. Additionally, the breed has a prey drive and will tend to chase after smaller animals. Some of them will also chase cars. Moreover, considering the size and energy of the Belgian Malinois puppies, you should be cautious when purchasing them for your kids. They can easily knock children over. They also tend to herd children and other pets. Proper training is required.


    When it comes to training, the Belgian Malinois puppy San Diego does pretty well. They always excel at agility, obedience, and fly-ball, herding and tracking. However, to achieve the best results, training must start early.

    It is also important to note that the Belgian Malinois is a heavy shedder. Thus, it requires regular grooming which involves regular brushing to get rid of loose hair.


    The health of the San Diego Belgian Malinois puppy is generally good. Notable problems include epilepsy, cataracts, thyroid disease, hip dysplasia, pannus and progressive retinal atrophy.

    Average Size

    Height: 55 to 26 inches

    Weight: 55 to 66 pounds

    Life Expectancy

    12 to 14 years

    Typical Use

    The Belgian Malinois puppy San Diego makes a great pet when well exercised. They are usually good with kids and other house pets. It is also used as a guard dog, in herding as well as a military or police dog.

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