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Bedlington Terrier Puppies

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    Bedlington Terrier Puppies

    If you are thinking of getting a lovely and unique pet, the Bedlington Terrier could be a great choice. It is unique in every aspect and small in size. However, prior to setting off to purchase this breed, it is crucial that you learn how it looks like and the care it requires.


    The general appearance of the Bedlington Terrier puppies is that of a small lamb. It has a pear-shaped head which is narrow but rounded. Its muzzle is small and has no stop. The eyes are almond in shape, small and hollow. The jaws are level with the teeth making a scissor bite. The breed has low set ears which are triangular in shape but with a rounded tip. The back is arched and the chest is somewhat deep.

    The front legs are straight but shorter than the back ones. The tail of the San Diego Bedlington Terrier puppy is low set and thicker at its root. The breed has a double coat which has a combination of both soft and hard hair. The colors range from blue to liver to sandy to sand and tan to liver and tan to blue. It is also common to see tan marking on the dog’s chest, over its eyes and at the back of the legs.


    The Bedlington Terrier puppy San Diego is mainly purchased as a family pet. This is because it is cheerful, affectionate and playful. It is easy going with children and with friendly strangers. However, on the realization of the owner’s passive or meek nature, the Bedlington can become hard to deal with. You will also need to socialize it early especially when it has to live with other house pets. The Bedlington Terrier does well with other dogs but needs to be separated from breeds that love dominating. This is because the Bedlington can be aggressive when challenged.

    Other than that, the San Diego Bedlington Terrier puppy is energetic, brave and loves to chase. It can run pretty fast and is a passionate digger. The breed also loves barking and can be obsessive. It is crucial to train the bad habits out of the breed as early as possible. This is because when it becomes obsessive of a habit, it can be hard to change it. Improper handling can also cause it to develop the separation anxiety or the small dog syndrome.


    The Bedlington Terrier puppies can inherit liver problems (copper storage disease). They are also subject to such hereditary diseases as PRA, thyroid problems, eye problems and kidney disease. Regular medical checkups are highly recommended.


    The best care you can give to the Bedlington Terrier puppy San Diego is regular physical and mental exercise. This will not only make the dog happy but also curb the development of undesirable behaviors. The coat needs specialized clipping after every 6 weeks. The coat should also be thinned and the ears shaved. The Bedlington Terrier is great for allergy suffers.

    Average size

    Height: 15 to 17 inches

    Weight: 18 to 23 pounds

    Typical use

    The Bedlington Terrier is a great family pet.

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