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Beauceron Puppies

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    Beauceron Puppies

    The Beauceron is a large working dog. It is athletic and has a long body. The head is both long and proportional to its body. The skull is equal to the narrow and pointed muzzle. The breed has dark brown eyes which are slightly oval. The ears are half pricket and are high set. The ears can either be cropped or natural. Moreover, the dog that lacks double dewclaws is distinguished from that with them by the AKC standard.

    The tail of the Beauceron puppies is normally fringed and carried low. The double coat is smooth with long hair. The undercoat is silky and soft as opposed to the outer coat which is harsh. The dog’s coat is normally black and has distinctive tan markings. It is also common to see a San Diego Beauceron puppy with a coat paired with gray, tan and black patches. If there are marking on the dog’s chest, they should appear as a plate or as two spots.


    The Beauceron puppies San Diego are known for their bravely, intelligence and obedience. They are always eager to please hence easy to train. They comprehend and respond to their master’s commands with ease. Because of its loyalty, this working dog can be adopted as a police dog. It is watchful, fearless, and faithful and is capable of detecting danger. The Beauceron puppies have also been trained and used in herding. On the contrary, if improperly trained, they may end up herding humans.

    Adequate exercising is paramount for this dog. The exercises help clear its mind and also shed the excess natural energy. It is only with adequate exercising that the breed will become calm. With proper training and socialization, the breed can relate perfectly with other familiar dogs and pets. Before you purchase the San Diego Beauceron puppies, it is important to note that exercising and firm training is a must. Failure to afford the dog the attention it deserves will cause it to develop the pack leader traits. Training and socialization should start as early as possible.


    The San Diego Beauceron puppy is generally a health dog. However, it is important to note that it is prone to bloating and hip dysplasia. Not overfeeding and designing small meals spread out in a day could help deal with the bloating problem. Regular medical checkups could also help combat most of the problems.


    The Beauceron is a working breed. This means it requires a lot of physical and mental exercises to lead a calm life. These breeds are best if given a job such as herding sheep. Failure to exercise adequately will cause them to be destructive and difficult to handle. They require long daily walks and an enclosed area in which they can run without a leash.

    The coat is easy to groom. No need to groom it daily. More attention is needed when shedding.

    Average size

    Height: 24 to 27 ½ inches

    Weight: 110 pounds

    Life expectancy

    10 to 12 years

    Typical use

    They are great as family pets. They also do well with a regular job such as herding or working as police dogs.

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