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Bearded Collie puppies

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    Bearded Collie Puppy

    The Bearded Collie is a medium sized dog that is often referred to as a working dog. It has a long and lean body. When it comes to the head, it is broad, large and relatively flat. The muzzle is short but strong and full. Its nose is square in shape and relatively large. The teeth make a scissor bite. The eyes of the Bearded Collie puppies are normally wide set and often take the color of the coat. The tail is carried low except when the dog is excited.

    The San Diego Bearded Collie puppy is best known for its shaggy double coat. The coat is normally waterproof and hangs throughout the body. The name Breaded comes from the fact that the coat hangs under the chin. The puppies that are bearded are usually born in such colors as blue, black, fawn or brown. They may have the white marking or not. As the puppies mature, their color may fade to cream or gray. Before getting to the adult color, the colors change many times.


    The Bearded Collie puppy San Diego has a tail wagging humor. It is generally a happy looking dog. It is lively, playful and affectionate. It does well with children and loves human company. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the cheerfulness of the breed can quickly fade if unexercised or left all alone for long. Failure to exercise the dog may also lead to a destructive behavior. Before leaving your dog alone, take some time to take it for a long walk or jog first.

    The Bearded Collie is perceived as a working dog because of its high energy. It is easy to train especially with owners who display the natural authority traits. In the training, you must be both calm and firm. Consistency is also paramount. Obedience training is the most important when it comes to this dog breed.

    Naturally, the Bearded Collie is a herder and can be hard headed if untamed. They are also noisy barkers and do not make good watchdogs. They are not aggressive or shy. If exercising and leadership is balanced, the dog will become self confident and with stable traits.


    The San Diego Bearded Collie puppies is prone to hip dysplasia. The dense coat may also form a great breeding ground for parasites. Frequent grooming and visits to the vet is highly recommended.


    This breed is both strong and active. Regular exercising is required. This should be in the form of long walks or runs. You should also allow your pet to run freely in an enclosed area.

    Daily brushing is also required. Always sprinkle the coat with water before brushing. Professional clipping can be done on the coat every few months. Only bathe or shampoo when absolutely necessary.

    Average size

    Height: 20 to 22 inches

    Weight: 40 to 60 pounds

    Life expectancy

    14 to 15 years

    Litter size

    An average of 7 puppies

    Typical use

    The Bearded Collie puppy San Diego can be purchased as a pet. It does well with children and other pets. Regular exercising is, however, mandatory.



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