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Basenji Puppies

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    Basenji Puppies

    The Basenji is a lovely dog that is widely used as a pet. It is often aloof and very affectionate. The best thing about the Basenji puppy is that it gets along with other dogs though it can be argumentative. Moreover, this breed can at times be fiercely protective of its family.


    The San Diego Basenji puppies are among the smallest hounds. They have large ears which stand erect. According to some people, the large ears help in dissipation of heat. The forehead is tight but wrinkles when alert. Despite the size, the breed has long legs which aid in speed and agility. Additionally, in spite of this breed not barking, it is not a mute; it growls and yodels. The coat is both smooth and short. Common colors include red, black and tan, brindle, black or white marking. White legs and feet are also common.


    As aforementioned, the Basenji puppy can be aloof and quite affectionate to the family. It is outgoing when it comes to strangers. Initially, the breed was used in hunting and did so in packs. Consequently, they are relatively good with dogs. This is, however, after being socialized as puppies.

    The Basenji puppy San Diego is intelligent but defiant when it comes to training. Training requires creative and patient handling. The training should also be aimed at reducing the yodeling which can be disturbing. Furthermore, it is important to note that they bore easily and can end up developing such behaviors as digging or chewing if left alone.

    Often, the Basenji is referred to as being cat-like. This is because of its tendency to groom itself by licking and climbing up to high places.


    When considering the San Diego Basenji puppies, it is important to note that they are active breeds. They enjoy running and daily exercises. They are no longer used for hunting but make good pets when properly trained and regularly exercised.

    Early socialization is paramount for the Basenji. They have a tendency of being over protective of their owner. They can also be aggressive towards strangers. After the purchase of a Basenji puppy San Diego, it is crucial to start socializing it immediately.

    Other than that, the puppies are easy to groom because of their short and smooth coat. They also keep cleaning themselves. An abnormal trait to look at is that females have a single heat period annually. At this time, they will start yodeling.

    Frequent medical checkups are recommended. This will help curb health issues. Additionally, to bring the best of the Basenji, always train your pet from an early age and set ground as being the head of the family else the dog will develop the small dog syndrome.

    Average size


    Male: 17 inches

    Female: 16 inches


    Male: 21 to 24 pounds

    Female: 21 to 22 pounds

    Life expectancy

    13 years

    Typical use

    In spite of this breed being initially bred for hunting, it is no longer used in such activities. It is common as a house pet. This is because of its cat-like traits and its friendliness with other pets.

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