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Australian Shepherd Puppies

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    Australian Shepherd Puppies

    The Australian Shepherd is also known as the Aussie. However, despite the name, the breed did not originate from Australia. The name is as a result of the breeds association with the Basque sheep-herders. These herders originate from Australia. Generally, the Australian Shepherd puppies are termed as working dogs and often used for search and rescue. They are also used as detection, guide and disaster dogs. Today, the puppies are purchased mainly as pets.


    The Australian Shepherd puppy is a medium sized and well balanced dog. It has ears set high on its head and has a triangular shape. In general, the breed resembles a Border Collie. The dog has a coat of a moderate length. The hair is both smooth and straight.


    The San Diego Australian Shepherd puppies are purchased for their affectionate and loyal nature. The breed is, however, suspicious of strangers and can display guarding or cautious behaviors when meeting with new people. Other than that, it is intelligent. It is always eager to please hence easy to train. On the flip side, when the Australian Shepherd puppies San Diego are untrained, they tend to be destructive. It is crucial to train the puppies from an early age. When properly socialized, the breed bonds well with children and other house pets. A well trained dog shows no aggression signs. They claim human companionship.


    Generally, the Australian Shepherd puppies San Diego are moderately healthy. However, just as it is the case with most pure breeds, it can suffer from hip dysplasia. It is also susceptible to a number of eye diseases such as micro-opthalmia, coloboma and cataracts. Spinal defects have also been reported. The best care you can give to your dog is frequent checkups by a vet.

    Living conditions

    Due to its intelligence and high energy, the Australian Shepherd puppy is not recommended for an apartment life. They require a sizeable yard to run around. If you must use the dogs indoors, you should take more time to exercise them. They have been found to be moderately active when indoors.


    On a daily basis, the Australian Shepherd requires a lot of exercise. This is because of its high stamina and energy. The minimum exercise is a long brisk walk. For a healthy and happy life, the breed requires a job or rigorous exercising. The more exercise you give, the better the dog will be.


    In addition to daily exercising, occasional bathing and brushing should be done. The San Diego Australian Shepherd puppies shed minimally.

    Average size


    Male: 20 to 23 inches

    Female: 18 to 21 inches


    Male: 50 to 65 pounds

    Female: 40 to 55 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 to 15 years

    Litter size

    6 to 9 puppies

    Typical use

    The Australian Shepherd puppy is often purchased as a companion. This is because of its good relationship with children house pets. It is also an intelligent dog hence considered as a search and rescue dog. It is widely used as a working dog across many law enforcement agencies.

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