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Australian Cattle Puppies

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    Australian Cattle Puppies

    The Australian Cattle dog is referred to as the Australian Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler or the Hall’s Heeler. It is a courageous working dog that is both robust and tireless. It is well muscled, determined and powerful when working.


    The body of the Australian Cattle puppy is longer than it is tall. It holds the tail moderately low and at a curve. The front legs are strong and straight. The toes are short. The skull, on the other hand, is broad and somewhat curved between its ears. The ears are wide set, oval in shape and medium sized. The teeth make a scissor bite.

    Other than that, the Australian Cattle puppies San Diego have a double coat that is smooth with a shorter but dense undercoat. The coat can come in such colors as red speckled, blue mottled, blue or speckled blue. The breed with black markings is not used in show rings. When purchasing the San Diego Australian Cattle puppies, it is important to note that they are born white. This is because of the gene they inherited from the Dalmatian crosses. The paw pads are sometimes used to determine the colors the adult will have.


    Just as the term depicts, the Australian Cattle was initially bred for herding. It is a hardworking, brave and loyal dog. Due to its intelligence, it is not the type to lie around with minimal exercising. When purchasing the San Diego Australian Cattle puppies, you should be prepared for intensive exercising which are at times daily. Failure to do this will make the dog bored thereby resulting in unacceptable behaviors. It does best with a job.

    In obedience and agility, this is an excellent dog. It can be trained to a high level. The training should start when the dog is a puppy and needs daily leadership as well as physical and mental exercise. Proper exercising will produce a happy pet. It is also a great guard dog. Lack of proper training makes the breed a pack leader and might at times be aggressive. To bring the most of your pet, it is crucial that you exercise and train it sufficiently.


    The breed is susceptible to hip dysplasia. The breed with the merle-colored dogs has been found to suffer from deafness.

    Living conditions

    The Australian Cattle puppy is not recommended for apartments. It requires a yard and does best with a regular job.


    The breed enjoys any activity you give it. Failure to engage them in exercises will lead to destructiveness and boredom. They enjoy catch but do best wit long walks. They are great as jogging companions.


    The breed has a short hair which is weather resistant. It requires little care. Combing with a brush will be sufficient. Shedding is usually one or two times a year.

    Average size


    Male: 17 to 20 inches

    Female: 17 to 19 inches


    Male: 32 to 35 pounds

    Female: 30 to 35 pounds

    Life expectancy

    12 to 15 years

    Typical use

    They make great companions. However, intensive exercising is required. This is the key reason why they are best as working dogs.

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