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American Water Spaniel Puppies

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    American Water Spaniel Puppies

    In the purchase of puppies, the first thing you must strive to do is understand the target breed profoundly. This will keep you from making the wrong choices. The consideration of the following pieces of information can help you make a profound decision in the purchase of an American Water Spaniel puppy.


    The American Water Spaniel puppy San Diego is a muscular, hardy and active dog. It has a broad head that is moderately long when compared to its body. The muzzle looks square and is of medium length. Its nose has larger nostrils and is either brown or black in color. The teeth make a scissors bite.

    The wide set eyes of the San Diego American Water Spaniel puppies come in a variety of colors which could be light yellow to brown or brown hazel or dark brown. The color of the eyes is dependent on the color of the coat. The ears are long and hung at eye level. They are covered with curls. The tail is feathered and is thick at the base. The double coat, on the other hand, ranges from curly to wavy. The coat may also have solid colors such as dark chocolate brown or liver. The chest and toes may have some white.

    When purchasing the American Water Spaniel puppy, it is important to note that dewclaws are at times removed.


    The San Diego American Water Spaniel puppies are basically intelligent. They are eager to learn hence easy to train. Above all, it is used in hunting ducks, quail, pheasant, rabbit and grouse. It also makes a great companion or guard.

    Moreover, they are energetic, friendly, obedient and confident. In general, the American Water Spaniel puppy San Diego is a sensitive and obedient dog. It is also sensitive thereby requiring obedient training from an early age. The training should be quiet, calm and firm. Sharp and demanding training seldom bear results. It is also important to note that these breed can take the alpha position if the owner does not give sufficient leadership.


    In addition to frequent visit to the vet for checkups, this energetic breed needs frequent exercising. This will help deal with the excess energy that will prevent over or hyper excitement. Long walks will be required in exercising. The dog has an instinct to chase or roam.

    In addition to that, the oily coat needs frequent and thorough brushing at least two times a week. The breed does not shed a lot.

    Living Conditions

    With enough exercising, the San Diego American Water Spaniel puppies will do well in an apartment. They are usually active indoors. An average sized yard will also create a great ground for roaming.


    The major concern is in skin problems.

    Average size

    Height: 15 to 18 inches

    Weight: 25 to 45 pounds

    Typical use

    The American Water Spaniel puppy makes a great pet. They are good with children and can make it hard to sound break. Some people also use it in hunting. The dog is an expert swimmer and hunts well in woods, over uneven terrains and in water.

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