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American Staffordshire Terrier Puppies

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    American Staffordshire Terrier Puppies

    If you are thinking of purchasing a puppy, the first thing you must do is learn as much as you can about it. You need to know its distinctive features, temperaments as well as size and typical use. This can save you from bringing home a puppy that does not match your lifestyle. The decision to purchase the American Staffordshire terrier puppy could be great.


    This is a standard sized dog. However, for its size, it is pretty strong. It is usually agile and muscular and has a broad and powerful head. Its muzzle is usually medium in length and rounded in shape. The top of the muzzle is rounded and falls immediately below the eyes. Its eyes are dark and round. They are set far apart and low down in the dog’s skull. The jaw, on the other hand, is pretty strong with the lips closing with no dewlap or looseness. The teeth form the scissor bite.

    The ears of the San Diego American Staffordshire puppies are usually high on the head and are at times cropped or un-cropped. The coat has a thick and stiff and glossy hair. The colors are either solid, patched or parti. When undocked, the tail is short compared to the size of the dog. In general, the American Staffordshire puppy San Diego is larger than its cousin, American Pit Bull Terrier.


    The American Staffordshire puppy is intelligent, courageous and outgoing. It is also confident and loves human company. Its nature is good, amusing, affectionate and extremely loyal.  It is for this reason that it is considered as a pet. The San Diego American Staffordshire puppies are always striving to please their master. They do well with children. However, when confronted, they can fight an enemy to the death. They are protective of both their owner and property. Their pain tolerance is pretty high.

    More to that, it is important to properly train your American Staffordshire puppy San Diego from an early age and socialize it to make it a great family companion. It is not the best for the passive owner. The breed requires a firm, consistent and confident owner who will display the right leadership. Failure to train the breed sufficiently will cause it to form its own pack.

    Average size


    Male: 17 to 19 inches

    Female: 16 to 18 inches

    Weight: 57 to 67 pounds


    Some American Staffordshire terrier puppies may be prone to heart murmurs, skin allergies, tumors, thyroid problems, hip dysplasia, congenital heart diseases and hereditary cataracts.


    The coat is easy to groom because it is shorthaired and smooth. You should brush it regularly and bathe and dry it thoroughly. It is an average shedder. You will also need to exercise it on a daily basis to drain excess natural energy. It prefers warm climate.

    Life span

    With proper care, the San Diego American Staffordshire puppies can live for 9 to 15 years.

    Litter size

    5 to 10 puppies

    Typical use

    The American Staffordshire terrier puppy San Diego is commonly used as a pet. It does well in an apartment.

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