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    About American Foxhound Puppies

    The American foxhound is often seen in large packs in Eastern and South US. It is common in foxhunting. Today, this breed still works and lives as its ancestors did. It was basically bred for hunting and was developed from the hounds that were brought by English settlers about 200 years ago. The breeding was designed to help the dogs adapt for the game and the terrains of the new land.

    Today, the American foxhound has been known to love the company of other dogs though when well trained they can be great pets that bond with the human family. They are usually mild mannered but relentless when it comes to hunting. Their baying has been known to go for miles. It is advisable to be cautious when bringing a San Diego American foxhound puppy home if you are not prepared to deal with the baying.


    The coat is medium in length and lies close to the body to form a hard texture. The coat colors are many. No color is associated with defects.


    Generally, the American foxhound puppies are easygoing and sweet. However, they also have the stubborn and independent nature. They have a tendency to hunt since they were initially bred for hunting. They require little human companion and might not follow orders especially when untrained. They bond easily with other dogs and might be difficult to adapt to a different life if they were initially brought up with other dogs. You will need to be patient, give them attention and start training the American foxhound San Diego from an early age. They also need early socialization to prevent their being aggressive or reserved.


    The San Diego American foxhound puppy has a general good health. This is apart for the hereditary illnesses. The dog might suffer from Thrombocytopathy. This is a condition resulting from poor platelets function. It leads to excessive or abnormal bleeding from minor cuts and bumps.


    The American foxhound San Diego will always require a significant amount of exercise. It was initially bred for hunting and running for miles. You will need to give him daily runs to burn off the excess natural energy which would otherwise be directed in bad behaviors. It is best raised in outdoor kennels and if possible with other dogs. Obedience training is recommended for the independent dog. When brushing the foxhound, always check for soars, rashes and signs of infections. Dental hygiene and nail trimming is recommended.


    The recommended daily feeding practice is two or three cups of high quality dog food. However, it is important to note that the much the dog eats is dependent on size, metabolism, age and build. To prevent obesity, be cautious when feeding the American foxhound puppies.



    Male: 22 to 25 inches

    Female: 21 to 24 inches


    Male: 45 to 65 pounds

    Female: 40 to 60 pounds

    Typical use

    Basically, the San Diego American foxhound puppy was purchased and trained for hunting. However, due to the dog’s sociable nature especially when it comes to children, it is widely considered as a pet. You should, however, supervise kids to prevent tail pulling and ear biting which can trigger the dog’s aggressive nature.

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