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American Eskimo Puppies (Toy)

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     American Eskimo Puppies (Toy)

    The American Eskimo Toy puppy is considered mainly as a companion. It is an intelligent small dog that loves the company of its master. The dog has triangular ears and similar features as those of the miniature and standard American Eskimo. The coat is either stark white or cream in color. Learning more about appearance and temperament can better prepare you for the purchase of this lovely looking small dog.


    The best way to distinguish the American Eskimo Toy from other breeds is looking at the ears shapes and the color. The ears are wedged in shape and the coat has a single color which varies from white to cream. The tail curls over the back in a regal fashion. The teeth close tightly to form a scissor bite. The best breed is one with brown eyes. The muzzle and skull is proportional to the dog’s compact body. It is also important to note that it is the smallest of the three American Eskimo dogs.

    Description of coat

    The American Eskimo Toy San Diego is stylized by a dense double coat. The undercoat is dense while the outer coat is formed by longer hair. The coat is usually straight with no waves or curls. Around the neck, the San Diego American Eskimo Toy puppy has a ruff. The ruff is more noticeable on the male than on female. The outer side of the ears is covered in short but smooth hairs. The hair at the muzzle is very short. The beautiful tail is fully furred and is always curled over the back.


    The American Eskimo Toy puppy is believed to be a descendant of the German Spitz. It came into America through immigrants. The name was changed to the present day name during the First World War. The popularity of the breed grew during the 1920s and ‘30s. It was then popular as a performer widely used by travelling circuses. It was, however, fully recognized after the 1980s. Today, the American Eskimo puppies are mainly used as pets.


    The San Diego American Eskimo Toy puppy is intelligent and always eager to please. It is also an energetic dog and does well with agility and obedient training. Other than that, the breed is tenacious and independent. It also loves to run. With proper training and exercising, the breed has been found to be ideal for city living. It can also be trained to perform stunts or tricks. However, due to its reluctance to work, it is important to start training your American Eskimo Toy puppy early enough.

    Common health problems

    The American Eskimo Toy San Diego is generally a healthy dog. However, it is important to watch out for hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and weight gains.


    In addition to proper exercising, you should take time to brush the thick coat. This should be done twice a week. Daily brushing will be needed when it is shedding. Only bath when necessary and dry it thoroughly.

    Life span

    12 to 14 years

    Typical use

    The American Eskimo Toy puppy makes a great puppy. It relates well with kids and other pets. It can also be trained to perform stunts.

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