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American Eskimo Puppies (Miniature)

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    American Eskimo Puppies (Miniature)

    The American Eskimo puppies are small sized breeds that are best known for their white to cream-colored coats. In appearance, the breed looks more of a small Samoyed. If you are contemplating on purchasing these breeds, it is vital to know how they look like. This will keep you from purchasing a different breed or one that has been termed inferior. In addition to that, learning about the temperaments of the American Eskimo puppies (miniature) will help you prolong the life and health of your pet.


    American Eskimo puppies (Miniature) is distinguished by its wedge shaped head and a proportional skull and muzzle. The ears are triangular in shape and stand erect. This breed has a cute tail that curls up over its back in a regal fashion. For its size, the jaws are pretty strong and makes a scissor bite.

    The American Eskimo miniature puppy can have blue eyes. However, this color is considered a negative trait in show world. This is because the blue eyed breeds have been associated with many health problems such as blindness. The most considerable American Eskimo San Diego is one with brown eyes. Generally, the San Diego American mini puppy is a compact dog


    The American Eskimo miniature puppy has been known to be bright and always eager to please. It is a lively dog that loves fun. In general, this is an obedient companion best suited as a pet. Due to its Spitz heritage, the breed has been found to be tenacious and independent. It loves to run especially in the cold weather. However, of all the Spitz breeds, the San Diego American Eskimo mini puppy is the most biddable. It is usually clam and somewhat reserved.


    On a daily basis, this energetic breed needs workouts. The extent of your American Eskimo mini puppy exercise will be determined by the size of your dog. If big enough, he might require jogging or a long walk. The smaller dogs only need play in the yard and a short walk. It is also important to note that the double coat of your dog will require brushing at least twice a week. Combing and brushing should be more frequent when shedding.


    Apart for the blue eyed San Diego American Eskimo mini puppy, this is a considerably healthy dog with no major concerns. The main health concerns are usually Patellar Luxation. You will also need to take your pet for regular knee tests.


    The American Eskimo miniature puppy is considerably smart. However, it is not easy to train. The main training you should concentrate in is basic housebreaking, agility and obedience. This should be done while the American Eskimo puppies are still young.

    Life span

    With proper care, the American Eskimo San Diego can live for up to 14 years.

    Typical use

    The American Eskimo miniature is essentially used as a companion dog. It is valued for its alertness, spunk and intelligence. It is an active and loving dog. It is good as an apartment dog and good with children and other pets.

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