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Akita Puppies

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    Akita Puppies

    This dog breed originated in Japan. It remains unchanged. In the past, they were highly prized and owned mainly for nobility. They were used in a number of positions such as guards, hunters of bear and boar, as well as waterfowl retrievers.


    The Akita puppy is muscular, sturdy and large. It has webbed paws which are excellent for swimming. Their mannerism is reserved and carries themselves with dignity. In general, they are alert and highly responsive. They have also been found to be courageous hence their preference as guard dogs. The breed is both dominating and noble.


    In general, the Akita San Diego puppies are fearless, intelligent and spontaneous. They love human companionship and are very loyal to the family they live in. hey are protective of their family and pretty aggressive towards other pets and especially dogs. Absent proper training, they can be aloof of strangers. The owner should therefore strive to socialize it accordingly to bring the most out of the breed.

    The main reason why they are considered as pets is because of their tendency to cope well with people of all ages; children and elderly. They are, however, intolerant of the children they do not know. They are not excessive barkers. They have also been found to cope poorly when left alone for a long period of time. They are hence not suited a career family where they are always left alone. They crave attention. They are also not recommended for the novice or submissive dog owner.


    The Akita puppy has a double coat. Its coat is oily for waterproofing. The outer coat is normally harsh, straight and stands from the body slightly. The undercoat, on the other hand, is soft and close to the dog’s body. On the head, ears, and legs, the coat is normally short. The tail is short and profuse. When purchasing the Akita San Diego, you must also understand that it sheds its coat twice a year. The coat includes such colors as red, white, brindle and sesame.


    After purchasing the San Diego Akita puppies, you must be prepared for regular grooming using a bristle brush. The dog should only be bathed when it is absolutely necessary to prevent stripping of the coat’s oil. The hair at the bottom of the paws should also be trimmed. This will help preserve the webbed feet characteristic.


    The Akita puppy requires extensive obedience and socialization training. If they do not know who the master is, they might end up taking up charge. They do not respond well to heavy handed or harsh training. They require patience, fairness, kindness, consistency and firmness.


    This is a fairly healthy breed. It is, however, prone to such conditions as eye problems, lupus, hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia.


    The breed does not require intensive exercises. They are usually moderately active when indoors. They enjoy playing with the family. They become destructive if unexercised for long.

    Average size

    Height: 23 to 28 inches

    Weight: 85 to 130 pounds.

    Typical use

    Today, the breed is used mainly as a loyal companion, a guard or a therapy dog.

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