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Afghan Hound Puppies

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    Afghan Hound Puppies

    This dog breed is luxuriously coated. It was initially bred to live on high and cold mountains in Afghanistan. It is tall, slender and graceful. The Afghan hound has a noble look which makes it worthy of its title, ‘King of Dogs’.


    As the name depicts, this dog breed was initially bred in Afghanistan. It is believed to date back 4,000 years. It is hence among the 14 ancient dog breeds. Since time immemorial, they have been used in hunting and capturing quarry. They were originally specialists in the hunting of deer and hares. In the time, they were large enough to tackle larger animals like mountain goats and mountain wild cats.

    In spite of its origin being Afghanistan, there are some ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls that show the representation of this breed. Its first arrival to Britain was in the early 1800s. They were brought in by officers of the British Empire and used as pets. The breed later spread to the US and other countries through the 1900s.


    The San Diego Afghan puppies have no comparison. They are not easy to mistake for any other breed. They have a silky and long coat which is heavily feathered apart from areas around the tail. There are no limits in the coat color. However, it is important to understand that Afghan puppies San Diego that have white markings are not recommended.

    The ears lie back flat on the dog’s head. The eyes are dark and almond in shape. The nose is black. The head is usually slender and tapers to a graceful neck which is considerably strong. The front legs of the San Diego Afghan puppies are long and straight. The tail is usually raised when in action.


    The Afghan hound puppies are known for their loyalty, courage, affection and charm. They, however, lack in intelligence. It is a common dog with people of all ages. Nonetheless, because of its hunting instincts, it does not pair well with other pets. It is recommended to socialize and train the Afghan puppies San Diego from an early age so as to get the best out of them. They should also be taken for a walk at least twice a day to get rid of excessive energy. Gentle training approach works superbly on this breed. Furthermore, its large size makes it inconsiderable as a pet for small children.


    The breed requires frequent grooming and cleaning because of its heavy coat. Frequently walks should also be done to shed excess energy.


    The average lifespan of the Afghan hound puppies is 12 years. It is a significantly healthy breed. Cancer is, however, cited as the main cause of death. The dog might also suffer large dog problems such as hip dysplasia. Its heavy coat can also lead to problems in hot weather.

    Average size

    A fully grown Afghan hound measures about 29 inches in height and weights about 20 to 27 kgs.

    Typical use

    It is commonly used as a house pet. Some people also use it in hunting.

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