Quick Guide for First Time Puppy Owners

puppy adoptionOpting for a puppy adoption in San Diego is a noble thing. You will not just be saving the dog from being euthanized and giving him a forever home but you will also be creating room for more dogs to be rescued. However, just because it is a noble thing to do doesn’t mean you should rush in. If you are a first time dog owner, here are a few things you need to remember.

Not every dog is for you
Different dog breeds have varying behaviors. Some crave more attention than others. Some will require you to exercise them several times a day while others will do just fine with short walks. Before you consider a dog adoption you need to do some research on the behavior of the dog you are considering. Don’t adopt just because the dog looks cute but because the dog will fit your lifestyle perfectly. The last thing you want is to have to take the dog back because you cannot manage to care for him.

Still on choosing a dog, you need to remember that the puppy will grow. Some grow into massive sizes while others remain to be toy dogs. Ask the team at the animal shelter about the average size of the adult dog. It is also good to check if the breed barks a lot and if it can do well in an apartment if your goal is to live with him in an apartment.

Spend time with the dog
Identifying the perfect dog breed for a dog rescue in San Diego is not enough. You need to take some time observing and playing with him. Even when a breed is known to be well mannered, you need to note that just like humans; dogs do acquire habits from other dogs or even from their owner. You also need to observe the mother. Does she look healthy? Hereditary diseases are real.

Dog proof your house
This is something you have to do before bringing the dog home. Dog proofing your home will keep the dog safe. You need to block access to rooms, cover the electrical cables, and eliminate the hazards. You need to go down on all fours and look around the house from your dog’s view point. If you find anything that he can reach and hurt him, get rid of it.

Other crucial things you should consider doing after a puppy rescue include registering with a local vet, buying the necessary supplies, learning about puppy care, and puppy training. Start the training with basic commands like sit, stay, come and look. These commands will save your dog’s life in the future.

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