Puppy Adoption – What You Should Expect When Adopting a Dog

Regardless of how noble a puppy adoption in San Diego is, not everyone can be allowed to adopt a dog. The animal shelter works hard to ensure that the dog gets a good loving home and that he will not end up on the streets or suffering with the new owner. That is why the process of adoption is a very stringent one. In ensuring that the dog goes into a happy and loving family, a number of things are done by the animal shelter.

The majority of dog shelters have similar rules when it comes to a dog adoption. The basic process includes the following steps:

  • Filling out and submitting the application form for an adoption
  • Going to an interview with the counselors at the animal shelter.
  • Meeting with the dog you wish to adopt
  • If you pass the interview and find the right dog, you may be required to pay a small adoption fee.

The animal shelter will require that you follow the aforementioned steps in order to ensure that people who end up with the dog from the shelter are not doing it for fun but because they are interested in caring for the dog. The person who is allowed to adopt is one who can prove that they can provide the care, love and long term home for the dog.

Even before you initiate the process of a puppy rescue, it is good to note that the process is not as simple. This is more so when you consider the shelter interview. The questions you will be required to answer will be very personal and quite intruding. Every shelter has its own interview procedure. However, the interviews are structured as honest conversations instead of an exam. The questions are only there to make sure that you can care for the dog.

During the interview, here are some of the questions you might be required to answer:

  • What is your family situation? You will be asked about the number of kids in your home and the number of adults in your household. You also have to answer the question on whether everyone in your home is pro the idea of adopting a dog.
  • What is your housing situation? Do you rent a studio apartment or live in your own home? The interviewer will want to know about the type of property that you have.
  • What previous experience do you have with pets and do you have any pet right now? You will need to give information on the number of pets you have, history with pets and what happened to them.
  • What is your work situation? Caring for a dog takes money. The animal shelter will need to be sure that you have the financial capability to care for the dog.

When you are ready to go with a dog rescue in San Diego, you have to be ready for the intruding questions. You need to remember that the questions are being asked so as to benefit the animal. The staffs are not prying for a good reason.

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