Puppy Adoption – How to Pick a Puppy from a Litter

A puppy adoption is something you should consider after learning more about the breed you are about to bring home. You have to make sure after he matures, he will fit your lifestyle and not be a burden. In this post, we will be taking a look at the things you need to do when deciding on the puppy to go with from a litter.

Visit the litter
The first thing you will need to do is to visit the litter. You must never go for a dog adoption before first seeing the dog in person. Seeing the dog in person will help you see how it interacts with other dogs and if he looks healthy enough. For the puppies, you need to set up a visit with the breeder immediately after the pups are born. You don’t want to pick a pup from a litter where half the litter has already been sold. It is good to note that the breeder will not sell the pups until they are 7 to 8 weeks old.

When consider a puppy rescue in San Diego, it is important to avoid the first litter. You need to ask the breeders which litter this is. You ideally want to buy the pups from the third litter of the mother. The mother has a significant impact on the personality and health of the puppy you bring home. A poor mother will produce a weak litter even with a strong sire. You should talk to the breeder about the health of the mother.

Check the behavior and demeanor of the puppies
The next thing you need to do before a dog rescue is to observe the litter as a whole. You need to take note of how the puppies interact. You want to adopt a puppy that is playful and active. You need to avoid the dominant pups. Don’t buy the largest or the smallest puppy from a litter. The important point to understand is that the healthier the litter is the healthier the puppy you bring home will be.

Focus when examining the puppy you want to bring home should be its health. How healthy is it? You need a visual check of each puppy and select the one that is healthy. Avoid the fat and skinny pups during a puppy adoption in San Diego.

When considering a dog adoption, the most important consideration to make is that on the breed. Learn as much as you can about the dog breed you are going for before making a choice. The last thing you want is to bring home a breed that is prone to myriad health issues or one that you cannot comfortably care for.

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