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You Should Have A Choice

Did you know animal rights extremist like the folks that harass, badger our employees and customers at Pups & Pets are trying to pass a ban to close down pet stores in San Diego?

Essentially what they are doing is taking away your right to purchase a puppy with the only alternative to adopt. If they are successful in convincing the San Diego City Council members to pass the ban there will no longer be quality baby AKC purebred registered puppies for sale in San Diego. The only choice that you will have is to adopt an older dog  (some sort of terrier mix, chihuahua, pit bull or less than ideal breed) from the pound (with possible physiological issues that should not be trusted with small children) or mail order a puppy, sight unseen, from an out of state breeder (aka backyard breeder that is not regulated and unknown breeding conditions).

Please sign our petition below:

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Here’s What You Can Do

Let’s tell the city council members that you support Pups & Pets. Lets not let these animal extremists tell you how, when and where you acquire your family pet – Please read the petition and fill in the fields. Thank you for your support!


Dear Esteemed City Council Members,

This letter is to show our support to Pups & Pets . I  have purchased a puppy from Pups & Pets, visited Pups & Pets , and or am in support of the Pups & Pets pet store.

I  believe that one should have a choice of where to purchase a puppy either by adoption or to purchase a puppy from an ethical company like Pups & Pets who has a relationship with ethical and responsible USDA breeders.

I DO NOT AGREE with the proposed Pet Store ban in San Diego!

Please don’t do it!

I  have signed digitally or in writing this petition in support of Pups & Pets.

Thank you in advance for not passing the pet store ban.