How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

dog adoptionAfter a dog adoption in San Diego you may have to deal with the digging problem. This is more so if you let your dog go out on the yard. Most dog owners complain that their dogs spend a lot of time digging. This behavior can be frustrating and is often a sign of boredom. If you are dealing with this issue, there are a couple of things you should do.

Why do dogs dig?

Most dogs enjoy being outside but it is not possible for you to spend all day with him in the yard. Instead you can just let him go outside on his own. Most dogs will start digging holes in the yard when left alone in the yard. They do so for four main reasons:

  • Relief boredom or anxiety
  • Bury their possessions
  • Attempt to escape
  • Attempt to cool down

The digging may start immediately after a puppy adoption. If you notice this issue, it is important that you correct the behavioral issue early enough. Here are the top things you should do.

Relieve boredom and stress

Dogs are social animals and need both physical and mental stimulation to prevent behavioral issues. You should, therefore, plan at least one hour of play and exercise with your dog every day. If yours is a high energy dog breed like the border collies and the terriers you will have to spend more time playing and exercising him. Great activities to d include:

  • Taking him for a walk or jog
  • Playing the game of tug-of-war or fetch
  • Getting involved in dog sports
  • Doing several training sessions everyday
  • Taking him to the dog park

These activities will help prevent the buildup of stress and boredom. You have to add them to your daily routine after a dog rescue in San Diego.

Don’t allow toys outside

One of the things that cause digging is when the dog is trying to bury his possessions. To prevent these issues you must never allow toys outside. Only allow toys outside when you are engaging with him. Always supervise when he is playing with toys outside.

Prevent escape

Attempted escape is the most common cause of digging especially after a dog or puppy rescue. The new dog is not comfortable in the new home and might want to run away. You need to prevent this by installing chicken wire or place large rocks along the fence line. This will discourage the dog from digging.

Provide a digging spot

Some dog breeds are driven to dig. This is more so if you have dachshunds or terriers. In this case you need to designate a digging spot for them. You can even give them a sandbox to gig. You have to supervise if you want him to dig at one spot.

Digging is a common issue but it can be controlled. The key is to keep an eye on your dog’s temperament and always keep him mentally and physically stimulated.

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