How to Make Your Dogs Live Together Peacefully

When considering a dog adoption in San Diego when you already have another dog at home, you have to start by learning how to make the new dog live peacefully with your other dog. Yes scuffles will be unavoidable but with the right approach, you can reduce the fights. Here are some of the things you have to do if you want to train your dog to live peacefully with another dog.

Start on a neutral territory

Whether you are considering a dog or puppy adoption, it is important that before you finish up with the adoption you introduce the target dog to your current dog. The purpose of this is to help you gauge the tone of the relationship to expect. Are the two happy to meet each other or is the first meet heated? If possible you should make the dogs meet through a barrier. Most animal shelters will allow you to introduce your old dog to the new one at their premise. Alternatively you can take your dogs to the dog park. The idea is for the two to meet on a neutral territory.

Keep the separated at first

As aforementioned, two dogs will fight at one point. When the fight starts you want to be around to stop it. This is why you should never leave the two dogs together unsupervised. The dogs should have crates or rooms where you keep them from seeing each other. Feed them in separate areas too but at the same time each day. You must also give each dog adequate attention every day. As the dogs become more used to each other, you can gradually start introducing them to one another. Reward each dog for being calm and having a relaxed behavior around the other.

Be patient

It takes time for two dogs to warm up to each other. Don’t expect the two to be happy to live together within a week. After a second dog rescue in National City, you should expect several weeks for the two dogs to establish rank and live peacefully with each other. The key is for you to be consistent and always supervise them. If things don’t seem to be going on well, you should get expert help from dog trainers. The team in the animal shelter can also help.

Two dogs are better than one. Provided you train and socialize them properly, you will not have a lot of problems. It is also good to do some research before considering a second puppy rescue. You need to make sure that you are taking a dog breed that relates well with the one you have at home.

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