How to Go About Crate Training after a Puppy Adoption

Immediately after a puppy adoption in San Diego, the next thing you need to think about is crate training. This is a huge help because it will make housetraining much easier. When the training is done properly, the dog will treat the crate as its ‘bedroom’ and nobody will want to spoil their own bedroom. The crate can be used to get the dog out of trouble until he understands the rules. What is more is that he will consider the cage as a den where he can get a cozy space to retreat when life gets stressful. Even after your new dog is past the age of needing a crate, you can still have the crate around. Here are some of the things you should do to smooth the process of crate training.

Purchase a crate in advance
You must not wait until the dog gets home from the animal shelter for you to start shopping for a crate. In a dog adoption, you will have a rough idea on how big your new friend will be. You can then use this information to find the crate that will be perfect for you. Most shelters even sell crates so you can purchase the crate on your way out of the shelter. The best crate to purchase is the one made of wire or plastic. It should also be large enough for your dog to stand in it, lie down as well as turn around without any problem.

Open the door of the crate
The first step in crate training is to open the door of the crate. Give your dog time to investigate. The next thing you need to do is to toss great treats in the crate and praise him when he gets into the crate to eat the goodies. You must never force him to enter as that will cause trust issues. Once inside, close the door behind him.

Leave the crate’s door open
Unless you went through with a puppy rescue in San Diego that is troubled, you need to leave the door of the crate all day. You then need to keep placing treats at random times into the crate. You should also place a toy for your new dog to play with. With time, your new dog will catch on the game and will start viewing the crate as a magical portal that offers great treats.

Close the door behind him when he is comfortable
After your new dog starts going in and out of the crate confidently, you can start closing the door behind him. Open the door if he seems anxious.

These are the steps you need to take in crate training. Crate training will prove particularly great especially after a dog rescue. It keeps a troubled dog from making a mess when you are not looking.

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