Dog Rescue – Tips to Help Treat Separation Anxiety in Dogs

After a dog rescue in San Diego, one of the most painful things you will have to deal with is separation anxiety. This is a very common problem not just in puppies but also in adult dogs. Separation anxiety is linked to mournful yowls and destructive behavior. If you work full time and plan on leaving your dog all alone for hours, you have to learn how to combat the separation anxiety problem. Here are some expert tips you can use to deal with this problem.

Exercise him full before leaving
The best solution to separation anxiety is to leave your dog exhausted. When he is exhausted, he will not have the energy to be destructive. There is also a good chance that he will spend most of the day sleeping. Exercises also help elevate the levels of endorphins and dopamine. This will improve his ability to cope with your departure. Fully exercising your dog every day is something you have to plan for when considering a dog adoption.

Take him to the vet
The signs of separation anxiety in dogs are many. They range from the dog being vocal to being destructive and inappropriate elimination. It is good to note that some of these signs can be caused by health issues. Before making conclusions that your dog is depressed or suffering from separation anxiety, take him to the vet. The veterinarian will rule out any medical concern. He will also give you advice on how you can manage the separation anxiety problem.

Use behavior modifying techniques
The levels of separation anxiety in dogs range from mild to severe. If you are dealing with mild cases, behavior modifying techniques will work great. You can use puzzle treat toys for this. Placing treats in a toy will keep your dog occupied for hours as he tries to get the treats. As a matter of fact, toys are the best things you can use to keep your dog engaged. Get high quality toys before bringing him home after a puppy adoption. For the severe cases of separation anxiety, you have to accompany the behavior modification technique with medications. Your vet will prescribe the medication. Please note that harsh drugs can worsen separation anxiety or aggression.

Hire a sitter
Separation anxiety is mainly caused by boredom. When your dog is alone, he will end up suffering this condition. If you don’t have anybody at home to engage with him, you can hire a dog sitter. Ensuring he has company will help combat the separation anxiety problem.

As you consider a puppy rescue in San Diego, it is imperative that you think about separation anxiety. Some dog breeds are more prone to the condition than others. Make your choice with care.

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