Dog Rescue – How to Choose the Right Rescue Dog

A dog rescue in San Diego will help you save a dog from being euthanized and also give other dogs a chance to be rescued. The option is even much cheaper than buying a dog from other places. Even so, you will need to be very careful before you select a dog. In this post, we shall be discussing the steps you will have to take in order to choose the right dog for your family.

Don’t choose because of the looks
One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is that of falling head over heels for a dog simply because it looks amazing. Yes those are the cutest dog eyes you have ever seen but you have to remember that every dog has its own personality and quirks. To find a dog that is right for your character, you will have to look beyond the looks. Do some research on the dog breed that you are targeting in a dog adoption. Some are too active for you and your family. Others will not do well with kids. If you don’t match your personality with the dog, you will have a lot of trouble.

Some dogs have the least chances of being adopted
There are certain dogs in the shelter that have the least chances of being adopted. If you have not yet settled on a specific dog breed, it is good to give the dogs that are least likely to be adopted a chance. Dogs that are least likely to be adopted include:

  • Black dogs
  • Dogs with disabilities
  • Senior dogs

More often than not, the reason for these dogs having a low adoption chance is not because they would not make a perfect companion. Going with the least likely to be adopted dogs will also help you get the best deals from the animal shelter.

Don’t adopt solely out of guilt
The pleading eyes from the dogs in the shelter can make you feel like you should adopt all of them. As much as that would be noble, you will not be able to do that. You should not proceed with a puppy rescue in San Diego because you are certain the dog is good fit for you. You cannot give a good home to all the dogs at the animal shelter. You need to pick the one you can give the most love and care without straining.

Whether you are interested in a senior or a puppy adoption, it is imperative that pick the dog that you will be comfortable caring for. Never rush the process of adoption. Seek advice from the counselors at the shelter.

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