Dog Adoption – Why You Should Adopt a Dog

Have you thought of a dog adoption in San Diego? When interested in bringing home a new pet, most people head to the pet stores or contact breeders. These options are expensive and are the reason why there are so many homeless dogs in the world. Adopting a dog, on the other hand, is cheaper and you can find the exact dog breed that you need. What is more is that adopting a dog is noble. You get to save the dog you bring home from being euthanized and also create room for more troubled dogs to be rescued. The majority of the dogs in the animal shelter are healthy and well behaved. You will be able to find a good companion at a fraction of the cost.

Why adopt?
There are so many dogs in animal shelters. The majority of these dogs are euthanized. It is estimated that over 3 million dogs get euthanized each year when they don’t find a good place for them to go. A puppy adoption will help save such dogs. What is more is that adopting helps combat the practice of breeders who breed as many dogs as they can to make a profit. Most of these dogs from breeders end up being strays.

Rescue groups need people to adopt more than they need them to donate. Fostering gives the rescued dog a forever home. The best thing is that you can take any kind of dog that you want; a puppy, adult or aged dog. You will also find virtually any dog breed you need.

Does your lifestyle matter?
The main duty of an animal shelter is to save troubled dogs. To do this, they always ensure that the person adopting their dogs is fit to care for the dog. The process of qualifying you as a suitable person for a dog rescue in San Diego is very strict. The animal shelter will not release a dog to your care unless they are certain you can give him the best care possible. One of the areas they consider is your lifestyle. The animal shelter will want to know about the following:

  • How long are your work hours?
  • Can you meet the exercise needs of the dog?
  • Will you be able to feed and groom the dog?
  • How big is your home and does the landlord permit pets?

There are many more questions you will be asked to ascertain you are a fit dog owner. The objective of the animal shelter is to make sure the dog never ends up on the street again. Needless to say, not everyone is cut out to be a dog owner. Always make sure you can make the time to own a dog, socialize and train him. Your lifestyle will tell if a puppy rescue is a good idea for you or not.

Dog Adoption