Dog Adoption – These Dogs are last to Be Adopted

It is a fantastic idea to consider a dog adoption in San Diego. This is more so because there are so many deserving dogs in need of a forever home. Even so, some dogs have no problem getting an adoptive family. These are mostly the dogs that are featured in high profile adoption campaigns or breeds that are not easy to find. There are other dogs that are less deserving and some never get adopted through no fault of their own. In this post we will be looking at the deserving dogs that are often left languishing in animal shelters for months or even years.

Black dogs

There has been a long-held misconception that the black dogs are the hardest to rehome. Their color means they don’t photograph easily while some people are superstitious of the black color. What is more is that black dogs don’t really stand out when placed together with dogs with brighter coats. If you are considering a puppy adoption, you should not overlook the black dogs. They are just like all other dogs. Don’t risk passing up on the dog of your dreams.

Senior dogs

Dogs have a very short lifespan. Senior dogs are those over the age of 7 years. Most senior dogs end up in the shelters and never get adopted. Most senior dogs are given up to the animal shelters by families after getting a newborn baby or after the dog develop an ailment. Whatever the reason is, it is terrible to think of a dog that has been in a home environment suddenly being forced to cope with the kennel life. If you want to do a really noble thing, you should consider a senior dog in a dog rescue in San Diego. Senior dogs make great pets and are wonderful companions. They also have lots of life left in them. Don’t overlook the senior dogs. The rewards of giving them a perfect retirement are enormous.

Dogs with behavior problems

Not many people are willing to adopt troubled rescue dogs. The truth is if you are patient and committed, adopting these dogs will be quite rewarding. Most troubled dogs have had a traumatic past and have trust issues. The behavior problems can be corrected with proper training and socialization. In the end you will develop a deep bond with the dog. There is exciting to see your dog develop from a reactive and fearful dog to one that is relaxed.

Other dogs that are overlooked in a puppy rescue are those with health problems or disabilities, dogs with that are bonded pair and the bully breeds. The truth is that these dogs make great family pets. Some only need love while others just need proper training. Don’t ignore the aforementioned dogs just because they are rarely adopted. Consider them first.

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