Dog Adoption – How to Prevent Dog Theft or Lost Dog

After a dog adoption in San Diego, you will be responsible for his wellbeing until its dying day. Your job is not just to feed and make sure he gets the right exercises and medical care but also to make sure he never becomes a stray or gets stolen. In this post we shall be looking at the top things you need to do to prevent lost dogs or dog theft.

Be more responsible

Dogs crave more companionship than any other domesticated animal. They get bored easily when they are left alone. When they are bored, they can do unimaginable things which range from chewing your favorite rag to finding a weak spot in the fence and getting out. As a responsible dog owner, you need to protect your dog, supervise him and know where he is at all times. You can use baby monitors for this when you are away. You must also never leave your dog alone for several hours.

Still on being a responsible dog owner, you must always have your dog on a leash when outside. You also have to be careful when opening doors since he can easily run out and get lost or worse get hit by a car. You must never leave your dog alone in a locked car either. The best thing you can do after a puppy adoption is to make sure you have high quality collars and leashes and always make sure they are secure before going outside with your dog.

Use a collar that has an ID

Whether you are in the house or at the dog park, your dog must wear a collar at all times. The collar should have the name of your dog as well as your name, contact information and home address. Most of the dogs that are picked up by animal control have no IDs. As a result they end up being taken to the rescue centers and the previous owner never sees them again. Making sure your dog is micro-chipped will also come in handy. You should get the microchip immediately after a dog rescue in San Diego.

Train your dog

A solid training foundation is crucial because you will be able to stop your dog in case he starts to wander away. You should also keep some treats in handy just in case he needs some incentives. Teach your dog basic commands like wait or stay. They will keep him safe.

If your dog is lost or stolen, taking immediate action is paramount. If you suspect he was stolen, contact the local law enforcement. You should also post signs and contact the local animal shelters and hospitals. Don’t forget to canvas the neighborhood. All in all, doing the above things will help keep your dog safe after a puppy rescue.

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