Dog Adoption – Dog Breeds Prone to Anxiety and Depression

When considering a dog adoption in San Diego, you have to remember that dogs have similar emotions like humans. Separation anxiety is the main condition you will have to deal with after adopting a dog. If untreated, this can turn into depression.

The symptoms of anxiety in dogs include destructive behaviors directed to the house, self-inflicted trauma, excessive vocalization and inappropriate elimination. The good news is that there are solutions to separation anxiety. As you consider a dog to adopt, you need to familiarize yourself with the dog breeds that are more prone to anxiety and depression. That way you will be better prepared when considering a puppy adoption.

Border collie
These are working dogs that are very intelligent and full of energy. They are highly trainable and can perform amazing tricks. The problem with this dog breeds is that they get bored easily and this often leads to destructive behavior such as ripping apart your pillowcases and damaging your doors and windows. They are prone to separation anxiety and can suffer depression if ignored for long.

If you are considering the adoption of this dog breed, you will need to make time for more tricks, training as well as spending extra time with him. You may have to hire a dog sitter if you work full time.

Bichon frise
This is a great companion. It enjoys cuddling up on your lap. It is a happy-go-lucky dog that loves human company. As a result, as soon as you leave the house, he will get aggressive and even destructive. They get anxious when overlooked and are prone to depression. If you are after this breed in a dog rescue in San Diego, you should consider desensitization and counter-conditioning. You also need to give him the attention he craves. 

German shepherd
This is a herding dog breed that loves directing and leading others. The breed is very trainable, obedient and intelligent. All in all, prolonged separation time and not giving him adequate exercises will cause anxiety. You need to ensure there are people or other dogs around him in order to prevent anxiety.

Cocker spaniels
This is a hyperactive dog breed that falls in the hunting group of dogs. It is compassionate, friendly, resilient and very intelligent. They don’t enjoy being left alone. They suffer hyper-attachment disorders. They love being around the owner. You have to start treating this disorder before leaving the dog alone.

Other dog breeds you should be cautious with in a puppy rescue are Basset Hounds and the Labrador retriever. Talk to the staff at the animal shelter and do your research on your target dog breed before adopting.

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